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KM Kirana

KM Kirana is the water transportation that provides service for the Parepare – Balikpapan route. They replaced the KM Swarna Bahtera in serving this route. KM Swarna Bahtera was previously the one serving the route from Parepare going to Balikpapan but now they are no longer operating as it is now taken over by KM Kirana. You can definitely regard the Parepare – Balikpapan as the busiest route most especially when it is the time for homecoming both with Lebaran and Christmas holidays.

KM Kirana’s Routes and Schedules

The schedule of KM Kirana is not definite. It depends on how fast the vessel would reach the port. Still, the vessel is exclusively for the Parepare – Balikpapan, and Balikpapan to Parepare routes only. Km Kirana is reliable water transportation offering affordable prices for its passengers.

The arrival and departure areas are in the port of Parepare and Balikpapan in Indonesia. The time of arrival and departure are not consistent so you have to ask the ferry staff for confirmation.

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KM Kirana’s Best Features

KM Kirana is utilizing those ferries, which can accommodate a maximum of 800 people. For a reasonable price, some residents find it more practical to go for traveling across the water back and forth on Parepare and Balikpapan. KM Kirana is popular among many residents because of the offers they give. Their services help the residents to go home in their hometown easily at times they needed especially during holiday seasons.

KM Kirana’s services are very good, prioritizing the safety and comfort of their passengers. Unwanted circumstances are inevitable but KM Kirana makes sure to minimize the possibility of these unfortunate situations. Rest assured that the services they provide are best managed by professional crew members, aiming for every passenger's satisfaction and comfort during the trip. There are many residents who ride the vessel. Have your safe trip with the best services they could give you while enjoying Indonesia.

Contact Us

KM Kirana’s main office located is at JI. Andi Cammi, Mallusetasi, Kec. Ujung, Kota Pare-Pare, Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia. If you don’t have time to visit their office, then you can contact them through +62 821 - 5346 - 0253. You can ask them for more information about all of their services and other things you might want to clarify. You can also ask for some additional information you are curious about regarding their service.

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
JL.A.CAMMI RUKO NO 2F , Depan pelabuhan Nusantara pare pare 85246679811
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