Khai Kiong Express Ferry Service

Khai Kiong Express Ferry Service

This ferry operates in Malaysia and based in Sibu. This is a town found between the Rajang River and the Igan River in Sarawak. Khai Kiong Express is a reliable ferry operator of express boats or ferry services that transport passengers from Sibu along the Rajang River, which is a pathway to Sarawak.

Schedules and Ticket Price of Khai Kiong Express Ferry Service

The Khai Kiong Express Ferry schedules and routes operate from Sibu to Song and to Kapit and Belaga with return trips for each passenger. The travel time ranges from 2 and a half hours to 3 and a half hours but it depends on how many stops made because the Khai Kiong Express is not a direct boat, so it will stop. And for the ticket prices, it is subject to change from time to time. You may check the online booking to have the updated price of the ticket.

If you're from Sibu and you want to travel to Kapit and Belaga, it is only accessible through the fast boat or express boat that will pass between Sibu, Song, and Kapit. If you are on Sibu, the departure time is from 5:45 AM until 2:30 PM, and if you're on Kapit, the departure time is from 6:40 AM to 3:15 PM daily. For the ticket prices, the trip from Sibu to Song costs between RM 17.00 - RM 20.00 or $4.15- $4.88 to RM 20.00-RM 40.00 or $4.88-$9.77.

Top Qualities of Khai Kiong Express Ferry Service

The Khai Kiong Express has fully functioning express boats that have their own features that they are proud to offer to every passenger. Each ferry has 85 passenger capacity for each trip, a full air conditioning system to give comfort when traveling during hot hours, television to entertain the passengers on board and for a pleasant ride, furnished reclining seats if you want to relax your body while on your seat. However, the express boats are fully air-conditioned, so it is cold inside the boat. That's why the passengers are highly encouraged to bring their jackets or thick clothes when boarding the Khai Kiong Ferry.

The ferry service has supplies of lifejackets in case of emergency because the safety precautions are very important to Khai Kiong express ferry which is not just to transport the passengers but to care and ensure their safety while onboard.

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