KM Sultan Ferry Service

KM Sultan Ferry Service

Pahawang Besar is an island situated in the District of Punduh Padada, Pasawaran area, South Lampung, in Indonesia. The island is isolated into two Pahawang Kecil or Small Pahawang Island and Pahawang Besar or Big Pahawang. The place is considered one of the best beaches in Indonesia. Pahawang has a great deal of potential excellence. If there should arise an occurrence of landscape, the slopes of green trees, its untouched white sand seashores and perfectly clear ocean water will revive your energy. This spot is likewise appropriate for the individuals who like swimming at the seashore or simply playing along the white sandy seashore. If you're ready to try something new and experience the beautiful scenery of the Pahawang islands, KM Sultan Ferry Service is the best for you.

KM Sultan Ferry Service is a notable ship administrator that is situated in Lampung Province in Indonesia that offers ordinary vessel administrations for voyagers every day. It is situated in the southern tip of Sumatra Island, Lampung'. Today, numerous voyagers who come from various urban communities in Indonesia and around the globe, travel to the region just to observe the well-known elephants of Way Kambas National Park.

KM Sultan Ferry Service’s Routes

The company gives vessel cruising administrations from 4 Ketapang Pier to the Port of Pahawang Besar Island every day for travelers' benefit. It likewise offers normal ships between the goals to give additional adaptability to voyagers in arranging their excursion. Here is another beneficial thing for you, going to Port of Pahawang Besar Island would be an extraordinary move for submerged sweethearts, as the island is said to be a heaven for swimmers because of the excellence of its submerged fortunes. Every traveler onboard is ensured to have an energizing pontoon cruising involvement in sightings of sublime perspectives along the waterway.

Well known Ferry Route:

•Ferry from 4 Ketapang Pier, Lampung to Port of Pahawang Besar Island

Best Facilities of KM Sultan Ferry Service

KM Sultan Ferry Service has 14-seater speedboats, and ships are completely furnished with essential enhancements that incorporate agreeable seats and adequate legroom for travelers to unwind and simply appreciate the outing to the heavenly islands. They likewise ensure that they have friendly staff on the organization's ships that ought to be congenial by travelers during each excursion for a charming cruising experience.

Since the organization is considered world-class, KM Sultan Ferry Service's armada of vessels is designed with the best wellbeing gears so as to give security and to stay away from any issues for installed travelers. For safety, the ferry service also provides life-coats, and lifebuoys. KM Sultan Ferry Service's travelers can essentially sit back, unwind, and appreciate the excursion to the heavenly islands.

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Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
Dermaga 4 Ketapang, Desa Batu Menyan, Kec. Padang Cermin, Kab. Pesawaran - Lampung 82175161248
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