MGRG Express Cruise Service

MGRG Express Ferry Service

An island adventure is one way to take away some of your problems even for a moment. With all the gigantic trees, white sand, shells in various sizes and colors, fresh air, and the waves pushing itself on the beach, it is something that will keep your mind refreshed. Add a high-quality boat and everything will fall with happiness. You just need to pick the right ride for your travel to enjoy the view of your destination fully. This is because it will serve as your guide in wandering the island. Having the services you need can start your journey in a positive aspect. The MGRG Express Ferry Service can give you those services whenever you want to travel some of the islands in Myanmar.

The MGRG Express Ferry Service has been founded in 2001 at Mandalay city. Their company has established several offices for you to visit in Myanmar like in Yangon City and Bangan. This is to have easy access for travelers that will gladly use the services of the company’s ferries. These ferries had been a great help in promoting the attractions located at or near Mandalay; that is why the tourism of the place had augmented in years. Many passengers from around the country and even foreign travelers visit the place. They offer a regular service with speed and is famous as an express ship.

MGRG Express Ferry Service’s Routes and Schedules

The famous routes for these services include a ferry to Bagan from Mandalay and a return trip from Bagan to Mandalay. The schedule of departure for the series begins from five-thirty in the morning for those travelers who want to have an early trip.

MGRG Express Ferry Service’s Top Amenities

While onboard, you can enjoy their breakfast and lunch mixed with hi-tea. This is open to all ferries so that every passenger will leave the boat on a happy note. You will be assured that the meals being offered are made by chefs, and there are waiters, amiable staff and bartenders to assist you during the trip. This makes you feel comfortable until you reach your destination. With such services, there is no doubt that as you watch the cluttered clouds above, even the slightest boredom will be blown away.

If you like drinking, there is a minibar where you can hang out while waiting for your arrival. There are a kitchen and a food menu where you can pick the meals you want to eat during the trip. For breakfast, they offer banana, egg, croissant and a coffee. While on lunch, a bunch of food awaits you such as the steamed rice, stir-fried chicken, fried vegetable and for dessert is the vermicelli salad.

The ferry that the company offers has several facilities for your convenience. The seats are composed of eighty chairs that are spacious for your relaxation. Amenities like air conditioning, water cooler, and toilets are also present in the boat. At around three in the afternoon, your snacks, including a coffee, will be provided. These services are offered at an affordable price and are worth the travel.

The MGRG Express Ferry Service is truly one magnificent ferry to be on board. You will not just enjoy the attractions you want to go to but will also have a great experience while onboard.

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
No.38,38th street,between 79th st & 80th st,Mahar Aung Myay Township,Mandalay. 9444008945
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