MGRG Express Cruise Service

MGRG Express is one of Myanmar’s operators that offer daily fast cruise services. Headquartered in Mandalay city, MGRG Express is known for operating regular ferry schedules with friendly staff on board the company’s ferries. The company owned offices that are comfortably placed in Bagan and Yangon city of Myanmar as well. Mandalay growth in terms of tourism activities from the past years has captivated many travellers, both local and international, to visit the area frequently.

Since its humble establishments in 2001, MGRG Express is well-known by many as an express ship in Chindwin and Ayeyarwaddy river of Myanmar. MGRG Express is famous in providing ferries from Mandalay to Bagan, with return trips. The company carried a lot of tourist and local passengers with highly professional cruise service for their customers. Currently, MGRG Express served the jetty of Nyaung Oo in Bagan and MGRG jetty in Mandalay.

The company ferries operate as early as 5:30 AM to provide a reliable transportation for all. Every cruise trip with MGRG Express will include breakfast, full-meal lunch, and hi-tea for the passengers to experience an enjoyable journey. The company ensures for all meals to be prepared only by qualified chefs, and the ferries are accompanied by well-trained bartenders, waiters, and ship pursers for traveller’s convenience.

Popular Ferry Routes by MGRG Express

MGRG Express ferries get to Bagan’s ferry terminal from Mandalay jetty daily with affordable ticket prices. Return trips are also provided for the convenience of the travellers. The ferry schedules started early to give extra flexibility to travellers in planning their journey.

Popular Routes:

Amenities by MGRG Express

MGRG Express is operating on 80-seater ships that are fully equipped with essential amenities and facilities such as spacious seats, water cooler for purified drinking water, air conditioning system, and toilet. There is a kitchen on board, mini bar, and food menu for the passengers to choose their meals on the cruise.

Among the menu that will be offered during breakfast are a croissant, banana, egg, and coffee. For lunch, the passengers on board with MGRG Express day cruise will be able to enjoy stir-fried chicken fried vegetable, vermicelli salad and steamed rice. Snacks and coffee will be served around 3:00 PM, which is the hi-tea break for all travellers.

The ferries owned by the company served a high stability characteristic to protect passengers from experiencing seasickness while being on board. In any case of urgency, MGRG Express staff members are available during the trips to ensure everything is under control.

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