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From Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville, there are lots to see and do upon visiting the amazing Cambodia. The country exudes a magical and charming vibe as the ancient and modern experiences come together, which is why it attracts so many people every year. Beyond the iconic temple of Angkor Wat that must not be missed, there is the unusual durian-shaped monument in the city of Kampot to Sihanoukville, which is surrounded by a string of beautiful beaches. Train operator Royal Railway that is based in Cambodia is ready to transport travellers to their desired destination after booking the ticket conveniently on Easybook today.

Royal Railways Train Schedules & Price

It is very convenient travelling by train when you are in Cambodia. Besides being affordable, taking the Royal Railways allows the passenger to witness the different towns as they look out their windows, which is another element to the adventure for the trip. Operating on the Cambodian Railways Network, the available Royal Train lines go from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville, Phnom Penh to Poipet, as well as Poipet to Sisophon, just to name a few.

Find the Royal Railway schedule on Easybook that best suit the travel plan to book with. From there, start building the itinerary for all the places and activities that you wish to share with family and friends upon arriving at the destination. It is not a Cambodia visit without checking out the temples, but it is also famous for its cool factor in the art scene, café and nightlife scene. For those looking for a little bit more adventure, visit the countryside to witness the mountain to be close to nature, or get up close and personal with the life of the locals by the rice paddies. The possibilities are endless!

Local transportations are limited in Cambodia, so do check out the options to ride with a car, the automatic rickshaw of tuk-tuk or motorcycle taxi called motodup to get to the station or accommodation upon alighting. As for the money, the country uses Cambodian riel, but travellers from the United States of America do not have to worry as the US dollar is the country’s unofficial second currency.

There are many trips available to book with Royal Railway for your convenience wherever the destination may be. Make sure to check for the Royal Railway schedule and fares for the train tickets of your choice on Easybook website. Follow these simple booking guide and you will receive you the ticket confirmation for the Royal Railway e-booking in your email inbox.

Gone are the days when it requires us to queue up at the counter just to purchase one train ticket. With Easybook, travellers are able to make the online booking for Royal Train conveniently at the comfort of their own homes. Travelling within Thailand is no problem now that you can book the train tickets through Easybook’s hassle-free platform through these few simple guide we have prepared for you. You can even download our mobile app available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store to make your Royal Railway e-booking at any time and place.

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