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About Jesselton Point (Kota Kinabalu)

Formerly known by the locals as Kota Kinabalu Ferry Terminal, Jesselton Point is conveniently situated just downtown of Kota Kinabalu (KK), as well as being nearby the ever-famous tourist attraction of Gaya Street. Jesselton Point serves as the city’s main ferry terminal that provides ferry and speedboat transportation towards the islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park as well as trips to Labuan.

Also, Jesselton Point is not just a ferry terminal but is also famous for its scenic view and historical landmarks. These days, Jesselton Point has become one of KK’s main tourist attractions that serve as a place for casual dining, leisure, and shopping. Hence, travellers who are waiting for departure can relax and unwind here.

Popular Ferry Routes

Popular routes from Jesselton Point in Malaysia.

How to Get to Jesselton Point

The best way to get to Jesselton Point is via available local public transportations. From City Bus Terminal, take bus number sector 1, route 1A. The said bus will travel along the KK Waterfront all the way to Jesselton Point. It takes about 10 minutes to reach the ferry terminal.

Travellers and locals can also opt for taxis, local buses, or make a booking through the ride-sharing applications. For those coming from Kota Kinabalu International Airport, the car journey from the airport to Jesselton Point will take about 20 minutes, depending on the traffic.

Popular Ferry Operators

There are a few ferry operators available in Jesselton Point. These ferry operators mainly transport travellers to any of the islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park, as well as trips to Labuan. Ferry operators including Island Hope Express, Sunny Rainbow Tours & Travels, and Tarie Travel & Tours.


Jesselton Point not only serves as a ferry terminal that provides transportation to get to the islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park and Labuan but it also one of the main tourist attractions in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Surrounded by many tourist points such as Gaya Street, travellers can relax and unwind at one of the restaurants, or just enjoy the scenic view while waiting for departure.

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Interested in travelling to the many beautiful and exclusive islands in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park? Travellers can make their way to Jesselton Point whereby it provides ferry transportation to get to islands like Labuan without hassle. Jesselton Point is not just the main gateway to the islands nearby, it is also one of the main tourist attractions in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. Situated nearby the ever-famous Gaya Street, this terminal is surrounded by historical landmarks too.

Jesselton Point Contact Details:

Jesselton Point, Pusat Bandar Kota Kinabalu, 88200 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
+6088-235 787

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