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Surrounded by numerous beaches, Terengganu provides some of Malaysia’s best tropical beaches with the clearest sapphire waters to dive into. Islands such as Redang Island, Gem Island and Kapas Island (Pulau Kapas) are some of the existing idyllic islands. Within the state of Terengganu lies the sleepy fishing town of Marang located about 20 kilometres away from the south of Kuala Terengganu. Marang remains as a small town with lush vegetation and old Malay villages whereby the villagers still carry out the traditional way of living as well as retaining their authentic culture.

Ministering Marang River, Marang is a favourite stopover among many tourists especially for those heading towards the nearby Kapas Island. Kapas Island offers magnificent beaches with many activities that can be done in its clear waters. As a gateway to Kapas Island and Gem Island, Marang Jetty or Jeti Marang offers boat departures and arrivals connecting the town of Marang to the two respective islands. Schedules and ferry tickets can now be reviewed online through Easybook.

Popular Ferry Route

Popular route from Marang Jetty in Terengganu

How to Get to Marang Jetty

Access to Marang Jetty can be attained via local buses as well as taxis crossing the town of Marang. There is a wide variety of taxi services to be chosen within the state of Terengganu providing convenience for many travellers to get to the jetty. Train services, however, is not an option as there is no nearby established railway network providing services towards Marang Jetty.

Board a taxi heading towards the local bus station known as Hentian Bas Majlis Bandaraya Kuala Terengganu situated within the centre of Kuala Terengganu. In this station, several bus services offer routes to Marang Jetty. Bus rides between the bus station to Marang Jetty take around 20 minutes upon arrival. Otherwise, direct taxi service is also available to get to Marang Jetty although it may be costly.

Popular Ferry Operator

Currently, the only ferry operator providing speedboat services within Marang Jetty is Mak Cik Gemuk Ferry.

Facilities in Marang Jetty

Marang Jetty is centrally situated within the fishing farmstead of Marang making it a stop surrounded with many facilities. Several groceries store, as well as guesthouses, joined together with old residential houses line up along the street in Marang. Many restaurants can also be easily accessed as it is located nearby Marang Jetty. On every Wednesday and Saturday, a weekly market will be held in the town centre offering a variety of fruits and local delicacies.

Amenities inside Marang Jetty are also comprehensive to provide conveniences for many utilising the jetty. A sheltered waiting area can be accessed along with several ticket counters for confirmation on ferry schedules and ticket prices. Next to the ferry terminal, a car park is also provided for those who wish to drive towards the ferry terminal.

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Kapas Island is a perfect holiday escape with perfect beaches and crystal-clear waters. It is a minimalistic island with less crowd offering beautiful spots to relax, sunbathe, dive as well as snorkelling. Kapas Island can now be reached via Marang Jetty in the fishing town of Marang.

Check out available schedules for the preferred ferry routes on the website now to secure ferry tickets within minutes. Gone are the tedious traditional ferry ticket purchasing process as passengers can now check the available schedules online before proceeding to place a purchase. With the availability of online boat schedules to the ferry terminal, planning a trip to Kapas Island is much easier with Easybook.

Marang Jetty Contact Details:

Arked Jeti Pelancongan, 21600 Marang, Terengganu
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