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About Pom Pom Island Jetty

Sabah in Malaysia has many beautiful islands that are too lovely to ignore, and one of them is Pom Pom Island situated 30 kilometres northeast of Semporna. Being in the centre of the Coral Triangle, it is no surprise that the island is well-known for its biodiversity as well as offering more than 20 dive sites with protected coral reefs.

The island is special for being a nesting site for Hawksbill turtles and green sea turtles. During that occasion, the island’s only resort will orchestrate a turtle patrol to watch the nesting activities for travellers to experience the magical moment as well. Travellers would have to board from Pom Pom Island Jetty to get to this famous diving destination in Semporna. There is also a marine conservation project by the name Tropical Research and Conservation Centre (TRACC) operating on Pom Pom Island.

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Popular routes from Pom Pom Island Jetty in Malaysia.

How to Get to Pom Pom Island Jetty

Access to Pom Pom Island begins from Tawau town, where travellers would have to resort to different modes of transportations such as public buses or minivans to get to Semporna Jetty. The drive may take up to an hour or more, so make sure to clarify with the operator for an accurate time.

Direct trips to Pom Pom Island are operated by boat or speedboat organised either by the Pom Pom Island Resort or TRACC. Just hop into the private speedboat when you arrive at Semporna and enjoy the ride that takes around 35 minutes to an hour to reach the island, depending on the weather.

Popular Ferry Operator

For now, there is only one speedboat operator available on Easybook from Pom Pom Island Jetty. This speedboat operator will also transport travellers to the neighbouring islands.

Facilities in Pom Pom Island Jetty

The Pom Pom Island Jetty is connected to one of the resorts on the island namely the Pom Pom Island Resort. The jetty itself is very simple with a sheltered waiting area and benches for travellers to relax while waiting for their next departure. Travellers will have to walk for 5 minutes along the jetty to get to the reception area.

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Pom Pom Island is one of the go-to diving and snorkelling destinations in an area where those activities are extremely popular. Tourists love to be immersed in the breath-taking views and explore the raw nature that is preserved on the island. Make sure to plan your journey to Pom Pom Island by reviewing the schedule on Easybook for more information regarding the timetable and ticket pricing.

Pom Pom Island Jetty Contact Details:

Pom Pom Island, 91300 Semporna, Sabah
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