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About Don Muang Railway Station

Don Muang or Don Mueang is a train station in Bangkok which is prominently situated in between Vibhavadi Rangsit Road and Choet Wutthakat Road, opposite the Don Mueang International Airport. Don Muang Railway Station is a two platforms train station with two railway tracks. Platform 1 is the Bangkok bound platform, while Platform 2 is the North and North-East bound platform.

The train station serves trains of the Northern and North-Eastern Line of the State Railway of Thailand (SRT). All SRT trains that leave northbound from the Hua Lamphong Central Station in Bangkok will pass through the train station at Don Mueang International Airport. Visitors who just arrived at the airport would often go to Don Muang Railway Station to take the train to Bangkok.

How to get to Don Muang Train Station

There are many options that travellers can take to get to the Don Muang Railway Station. Firstly, travellers who had just arrived at Don Mueang International Airport can find a pedestrian bridge connected to the train station at Level 2 of the flight terminal.

Those from Bangkok, as well as the Northern or North-Eastern region, can opt for the cheapest mode of transport which is a train ride directly to Don Muang Railway Station. Do have in mind that train rides are not the fastest alternative available.

Other transports such as the local city buses, taxis, tuk-tuks and songthaews are abundant for the more adventurous tourists to experience Thailand. However, these transports are known to be less comfortable and prices are not fixed compared to taking the train.

Popular Train Operator in Don Muang Railway Station

The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) is owned by the country’s Ministry of Transport and serves over 40 million passengers per year. Trains at Don Muang Railway Station is part of the Northern and North-Eastern Line that usually operates based on the train schedule. Passengers can perform online booking for State Railway of Thailand train ticket anywhere and any time of the day.

Facilities in Don Muang Railway Station

The Don Muang Railway Station is nicely located as it is just across the highway from one of Bangkok's two major airports. The station is very easy to navigate especially with the pedestrian bridge over the Vibhavadi road to Don Mueang Airport without any difficulties. Although the train station has been renovated and significantly improved over the past few years, it still retains its old, historic character.

Like most railway stations in Thailand, finding food will not be a problem as the station has food stalls and plenty of seats. There is an excellent electronic indicator board giving train info of the map of Thailand including train schedule. The staff of the train station are very helpful to visitors who would need any extra help. Other basic amenities like sheltered waiting area, ticket counters to collect train tickets, toilets as well as ATMs are also available at Don Muang Railway Station.

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Book Train Ticket to Don Muang

Have an authentic experience in Thailand by taking the trains from Don Muang train station and enjoy the sceneries along the journey. Get your train tickets to Don Muang Railway Station via online booking by following a few simple steps. You can also view details that would suit your itineraries such as the train schedule and train ticket price.

Don Muang Railway Station Contact Details

Sanambin, Don Mueang, Bangkok 10210, Thailand
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