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About Pak Nam Pho Railway Station

Located in the subdistrict of Pak Nam Pho within Nakhon Sawan, Pak Nam Pho Railway Station is one of the many Thailand’s class 1 railway stations whereby it was opened in October 1905. The train station lies about 250 kilometres away from Bangkok Railway Station which was launched as part of the Nothern Line train extension running from Lop Buri to Pak Nam Pho.

Initially, Pak Nam Pho Railway Station was the main rail station to serve connections in and out of Nakhon Sawan. After the establishment of Nong Pling Railway Station, the popularity of Pak Nam Pho Railway Station began to decline among the locals.

How to Get to Pak Nam Pho Railway Station

The quickest way to get to Pak Nam Pho Railway Station is by boarding a taxi. It is advisable to ensure that a metered taxi is utilised before beginning a journey. For a more economical way of getting to the train station, trains running through the train route of Bangkok – Den Chai – Bangkok and Nakhon Sawan – Chiang Mai – Nakhon Sawan will make a stop at Pak Nam Pho Railway Station.

Popular Train Service

The State Railway of Thailand offers convenient train services running through Pak Nam Pho Railway Station.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Pak Nam Pho Railway Station in Nakhon Sawan Province, Thailand

Facilities in Pak Nam Pho Railway Station

Pak Nam Pho Railway Station offers a laid-back ambience and not much is provided within the train station as it is no longer a major train stop or interchange station. Several basic facilities are provided for the convenience of those running in and out of the station.

Train tickets in Pak Nam Pho Railway Station are offered within a reasonable range and a few train schedules are available. A waiting area is provided equipped with a roof for shelter as well as several benches to wait for train departures.

Top facilities:


Offering numerous train timetables and efficient services, trains in Pak Nam Pho Railway Station ensures efficient departures as well as arrivals. A convenient online booking site is now provided through an easy-to-navigate platform for many exciting trips within Nakhon Sawan and other destinations around Thailand with train tickets offered at a reasonable price. Book a train ticket now and enjoy affordable train fares.

Pak Nam Pho Railway Station Contact Details ( 7:00 AM – 11:00 PM )

Pak Nam Pho, Mueang Nakhon Sawan District, Nakhon Sawan 60000, Thailand
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