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About Clementi Bus Interchange

Clementi Bus Interchange is known as an integrated transportation hub as well as being the sixth air-conditioned bus terminal in Singapore. The terminal is located nearby common places by the residents of the area such as Clementi Polyclinic, Cityvibe Mall, 321 Clementi Market, Hawker Centre and Block 448 Market. A unique feature of the bus station includes its single vehicular concourse area with a bus park in the middle situated along Clementi Avenue 3.

Popular Bus Routes 

Bus services from Clementi Bus Interchange offer various routes across Singapore. SBS Transit operates ten bus routes whereas Tower Transit offers five routes including: 

How to Get to Clementi Bus Interchange Station 

The bus station is located in the centre of Clementi Town serving residential areas around the West Coast and Clementi. Getting to Clementi Bus Interchange is not much of a hassle as the bus terminal is integrated with two notable landmarks namely Clementi Towers and Clementi Mall as well as being connected to Clementi MRT station. 

Popular Bus Operators in Clementi Bus Interchange Station 

Currently, Clementi Bus Interchange is primarily operated by SBS Transit along with Tower Transit as the result of the implementation of the Bus Contracting Model in Singapore. 

Facilities in Clementi Bus Interchange 

Several facilities and services are provided in Clementi Bus Interchange to offer a pleasant journey. Navigation is available throughout the bus terminal with service guide racks, updated information boards and bus arrival displays. Retail outlets are also easily accessible to do some shopping or simply just passing the time while waiting for bus departuresClean and functional toilets are also provided in the bus terminal 

Clementi Bus Interchange

441 Commonwealth Avenue West, Singapore 120441
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