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East Coast Road hugs the Eastern Singapore shoreline and it is the main vessel to the culturally rich neighbourhoods within the area. It offers a more relaxed pace of life, with plenty of space for a family and for many, the chance of a sea view is too good to refuse. The streets around the Upper East Coast of Singapore is packed with modern condominium complexes interspersed with large bungalows, giving an array of housing options. The area also presents many opportunities for outdoor activities.

Opened in December 2001, Upper East Coast Bus Terminal has a single vehicular concourse area, with a combined entrance and exit leading to Upper East Coast Road. It is located next to Bedok Camp II, opposite the Kew residential estate and the terminal serves as a terminating point for bus routes serving the area of the Upper East Coast Road.

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How to Get to Upper East Coast Bus Terminal

Upper East Coast Bus Terminal hosts several assorted bus operators. It is centrally located in the serene town of the Upper East Coast in Singapore and getting to the bus stop will be of no hassle via various modes of common public transportations such as local buses and taxis. Nonetheless, no rail connections are offered heading to the bus stop as no established network is accessible nearby.

Ticket prices and bus schedules can now be reviewed on the website for a convenient travel. The bus interchange in the Upper East Coast serves several popular routes heading to a variety of thrilling destinations all around the isle of Singapore as well as catering for buses from other terminals.

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In 2017, Upper East Coast Bus Terminal underwent an expansion turning it into a prime bus depot in the Upper East Coast area. The expansion consists of a new parking area towards the south, with another extension to the original bus park allocating three additional lots towards the west.

The building of the bus interchange combines passenger alighting berths and waiting areas with an interchange office, driver’s lounge and outstanding washrooms. Other accessible amenities include service as well as information counters, bus directory board, canteen, tactile indicators on every berth and a designated boarding area for wheelchair users located on Level 1. Within the same level, there are seating facilities with armrests provided nearby the waiting area.

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Many would think that a tiny nation, the size of an average American city would be easy to know immediately. Singapore however, specializes in defying expectations. Home to the world’s best airport, some of Asia’s most stunning architecture and a delicious food scene that borrows from its neighbours’ top culinary traditions, Singapore offers a complete travel experience disproportionate to its size. Getting around Upper East Coast Bus Terminal will also be of no hassle with warm and helpful locals surrounding the bus terminal upon arrival.

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740, Upper East Coast Road, Singapore 465549
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