Train to Chiang Mai

Train to Chiang Mai

The train is an ideal transportation for trip to Chiang Mai from Bangkok. There are 4,500 km rail network operated by the State Railway of Thailand covering four main lines throughout the country: Northern Line, Southern Line, Northeastern Line and Eastern Line. And all trains departure from Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong station to all the lines daily.

A daily train to Chiang Mai is recommended to take a night sleeping train around 6.00 P.M. and arrived Chiang Mai early morning. This line is scenery view along the way. Passengers can take off the train at Ayutthaya province, old capital city and historical parks by this line. While sitting on the train, you can see the Thai local people light style during the night through the window. You will see the people go out for street food and hot drink like coffee and tea before bed. Actually, you will see the street food or morning markets located behind train stations all along the train stops. Not only the markets or street food can be found by train, you can enjoy the view of mountains, rice fields, trees, flowers, wat (temple) and farms.

Before having the wonderful trip to Chiang Mai by train, you have to check timetables, ticket prices, train facilities and location of Chiang Mai Railway Station. The station is located on the east side of the city on Charoen Muang Road, which takes you the short distance into the center of town or tourist area called Tha Pae Gate. Tuk tuk is the best choice for short distance to your accommodation. Near the station you can find noodle shops, Khao Soy (Thai Northern-style noodle), and 7-11 convenient stores. As known, Chiang Mai province is popular destination to all tourists around the globe especially Chinese tourists because the effective of Lost in Thailand film broadcasted in China last 2 years. There is a lot of WATS (Temples) to visit around the city such as Wat Phra Singha, Wat Pra That Doi Suthep, etc.

Even travelling by train to Chiang Mai is slower than airplane but it is still a good option for tourist having a longer time to travel in Thailand. You can see the scenery in between the northern line. Train to Chiang Mai serves passenger to Chiang Mai with three classes: 1st, 2nd and 3rd operated by State Railway of Thailand. Now this route is also served with new modern train carriages with seat-mounted TV screens and more comfortable bathrooms. First Class Private, two-bunk cabins define the 1st-class carriages available only on rapid, express and special-express trains. Second Class, the seating arrangements in a 2nd-class, non-sleeper, only seats are similar to public bus found only on rapid and express trains. There are 2 types air-conditioned and fan. Third Class, this type consists of two rows of bench seats. Each bench seat is designed for 2 passengers and some distance served free ticket to only Thai citizen showing the ID. Card while travelling; meanwhile, express trains do not carry 3rd-class carriages.

Ticket fare is determined on the distance, class and train type (special express, express, rapid, ordinary). Extra charges are added if you book air-con carriage.

Train ticket advance bookings can be booked from 1 up to 60 days before your departure date. You can make bookings from any train station throughout Thailand to any destination. Also, train tickets can be purchased at travel agencies and online such as Easybook.com which usually add a service charge to the ticket price. It is convenient to make advanced bookings for long-distance sleeper trains between Bangkok and Chiang Mai with e-ticket. It is necessary to provide the passenger name, surname with ID. No. or Passport no. while booking through online. Once e-ticket received, passenger only shows the e-ticket with id.card or passport then grab the train to Chiang Mai easily.

All train stations in Thailand have baggage-storage services. Most stations have a ticket counter, rest room, newsagent, tea shop, small convenient store and rest area.

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