Take a ride with KTM train to Padang Besar

Take a ride with KTM train to Padang Besar

Padang Besar happens to be the border town in Malaysia which located in Perlis north, this beautiful town, surrounded by picturesque beauties and rich heritages. To experience the simple life of this border town, each year, a good number of tourists head for Padang Besar. The culture, food and heritage of Thailand can be seen very prominently in this town as well as in the neighboring town of the same name. Also, for the tourists, the town holds special attention for its shopping options. Here they can find a number of duty-free shopping complexes that are situated on the borders of the two countries. Thousands of tourists from Malaysia and Thailand flock there each year.

There is train from KL to Padang Besar that can be quite comfortable for the tourists. On one hand there is the intercity train that they can opt for during the night time, on the other hand, there is the ETS train that departs from Kuala Lumpur to Padang Besar. In a case of the electric train service, the duration for the journey is more than the normal intercity train. Also, it is important here to mention that the charges of the two trains also vary because of the hours of journey. However, it is true that in both the trains the travelers get wonderful traveling experience.

Once the train reaches the border at the Padang Besar station through kl to Padang Besar train, you can cross the border all the formalities having done, or can head for the mainland border with Thailand, for which you will have to head through the railway tracks. Some of the travelers, however, choose to stay at the station area. If you do so, you can also take the same train to make a short trip to the south city Hat Yai, which happen to be a major city. The duration of the journey is only 45 minutes.

After you reach there, you can have a long round up and get back in the return train which departs to Bangkok in the early afternoons. En route, many of the tourists also head for other places, such as Surat Thani, which is famous for boat rides to Koh Samui. In a nutshell, this whole train route connection opens up the routes for new destinations for the tourists. They can make the best experience come from this.

However, there is also an alternative train route as well, from Kuala Lumpur. The tourists who are not in a hurry can take a train from Sentral KL to Butterworth Station. This station is just beside the ferry terminal through which many head for Penang Island through the boats.

After reaching there taking the International Express train can lead you to Padang Besar. The same service is available through the ETS train Padang Besar as well. Online tickets are available for the ETS trains.

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