Enrich Global Holidays Bus Services

Generally, bus operator agents serve their role as a middleman between customers and bus operators they collaborate with. Enrich Global Holidays Services Sdn Bhd is an agent that provides bus services that travel to numerous regions throughout Peninsular Malaysia. Like many other bus operator agents, Enrich Global Holidays Services does not own any fleet under their name. They operate trips using buses provided by registered provider Yellow Star.

Enrich Global Holidays Services always propose their customers with the recommendable offer, providing good bus service, offering prices within an affordable range and most importantly, comfortable coaches to accompany passengers during the long journey. The price begins as low as RM35 and it varies according to the selected route.

Bus Ticket price range:

  • KL – Johor: from RM35 onwards
  • Johor – Perak: from RM65 onwards
  • Johor – Penang: from RM75 onwards

The type of bus prepared for passengers is the single-deck express bus featured with Super VIP 27-seater. The buses are complete with ample legroom space and reclining seats which allows the traveller to have a comfortable ride, as well as being air-conditioned to give everyone a pleasant and cool journey.

Popular Bus Route By Enrich Global Holidays

The bus routes that covered by Enrich Global Holidays Services mainly depart from Johor to Kuala Lumpur, Perak and Penang. The company can arrange more destinations upon request and customers will be given recommendations based on how the trip should be planned. The services are inclusively offered, be it for those who want to travel individually, in pairs or large groups. Enrich Global Holidays Services never restricts their services as they aspire to be an excellent bus operator in the industry.

At Easybook, we strive to offer you the simplest method to buy your bus ticket through our online booking system. Instead of spending time going to the counter to buy the bus tickets, we offer a convenient alternative to book them, as well as to check the bus schedule that is served by Enrich Global Services Sdn Bhd. Book Enrich Global Holidays Services tickets on Easybook website that has been structured for easy usage!

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