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About Kampar Bus Terminal

Kampar is one of the quaint places located in the state of Perak known as a tin mining town in the Kinta Valley. Many people would travel all the way from Kuala Lumpur for to do some fishing at the abandoned mining ponds and Kampar Bus Terminal acts as the alighting point for their activities.

Besides being surrounded by many housing areas and even a movie theater, this strategically-located bus station is right at the heart of the Kampar old town. This area is known for its amazing pre-war shophouses turn coffee shops, goldsmiths and retail shops through Jalan Gopeng and Jalan Idris.

Due to constant travel by the students from the nearby Tunku Abdul Rahman University and their family members travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Kampar, the transport services to Kampar Bus Terminal are always high in demand.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Kampar Bus Terminal in Perak

How To Get To Kampar Bus Terminal

Kampar locals who want to get to Kampar Bus Terminal can access it by using the services provided by ride-sharing platforms, taxis and buses. Meanwhile, students who studied at Tunku Abdul Rahman University could travel to Kampar Bus Terminal by using taxis or ride-sharing services that are available within their destination.

Getting to the Kampar new town from the bus terminal itself is approximately 10-15 minutes away. Travellers from outside of Kampar who drop off at the Kampar Railway Station can conveniently travel to Kampar Bus Terminal as well. Review the bus schedules on our website upon departing to and arriving at the Kampar Bus Terminal is available for the convenience of the travellers.

Popular Bus Operators in Kampar Bus Terminal

Passengers can choose from a couple of bus companies operating in the Kampar Bus Terminal including Konsortium Bas Ekspres (Malaysia) and also Express Kesatuan.

Facilities in Kampar Bus Terminal

Even though Kampar Bus Terminal is one of the oldest buildings for bus services in the old town, it has a few convenient facilities for public use. There is a taxi stand in the bus terminal where travellers can easily access to get to their destination. The bus terminal also provides a spacious parking space as well as a sheltered waiting area for the customers.

The Kampar Bus Terminal has several ticket counters from various bus operators, as well as other amenities that can be found within the Kampar Bus Terminal such as washrooms, convenient stores and food stalls. They are accessible as well for the customers to buy food and drinks while waiting for their bus.

Top Features:


The Kampar Bus Terminal is located at the heart of the Kampar old town. Travellers have an easy access of bus services to several locations where desired. Students coming from the Tunku Abdul Rahman University and their family members are at an advantage, whereby they can travel to Kampar new town in just 10-15 minutes away by bus, as well as being the drop-off location from Kuala Lumpur.

The location for the Kampar Bus Terminal is easy to find and buying the tickets are made easy by Easybook for your planned as well as unplanned trips. Please follow the simple guidelines to book a bus ticket now via Easybook for your convenience.

Kampar Bus Terminal Contact Details:

Jalan Market, Kampung Masjid, 31900, Kampar, Perak
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