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About Mamutik Island

Mamutik Island is the smallest out of all five islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park (TAR Marine Park). The island is referred to as the city island because it is located near to the Kota Kinabalu city in which visitors can see the sight of the city that is separated by 3 kilometres away from the sea. The distance between the land and sea shows that it requires a very short boat trip to Mamutik.

This small island offers lovely beaches and beautiful coral reefs ready to be explored. Mamutik Island has fewer activities going on, so there are less tourists that come here. Despite not having many activities like what Sapi Island and Manukan Island have, Mamutik develops similar colourful marine life. This less-crowded island is an ideal getaway for those who seek privacy.

Popular Ferry Route

How to Get to Mamutik Island

The main gateway that is mostly used to get to Mamutik Island is from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal with a speedboat. The boat trip only takes about 5 to 15 minutes to reach Mamutik depending on the weather condition.

Given the short distance between the ferry terminal and island, the fare costs around RM30 for a return trip. Boat service begins its daily operation from 8.00 AM to 5.00 PM, and the transfers are available very frequently, so make sure to check for the boat schedule on Easybook website.

Besides Jesselton Point, other terminals that provide access to Mamutik Island are located at Sutera Harbour Marina Jetty and Tanjung Aru beach.

Popular Ferry Operators

Various boat companies operate speedboat transfers to the islands of Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park including Mamutik Island in Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal such as Island Hope Express, Sunny Rainbow Tours & Travel and Tarie Travel & Tours.

Facilities in Mamutik Island

Basic island facilities are provided on Mamutik Island for public use such as toilets, changing rooms and picnic shelter. Visitors who want to participate in water activities can visit the gear rental services where they provide the essential equipment for diving and snorkelling activity. Some travel agents offer day trip tour package deals to Mamutik Island, which include the standard and exclusive package deals.

There are no accommodations available on Mamutik Island; however, camping is allowed but only under the permission of the park warden. Campers can rent a tent priced at RM30 per night and camping fee will also be charged per person. The best thing about camping on Mamutik Island is that campers will get to see the beautiful night view of the Kota Kinabalu City across the island.

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To experience a more peaceful island vibe but still get to experience the incredible marine life, Mamutik Island is the perfect island getaway in Sabah. Explore freely to the other spots to enjoy the calming sounds of the island. Being characterised as a small island does not mean that the island offers less, Mamutik treasures the same offer as what the other islands do. A trip to Mamutik Island from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal is available and can be booked easily from Easybook website without hassle.

Mamutik Island Contact Details

Mamutik Island, Sabah
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