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About Mantabuan Island Jetty

Mantabuan Island was born of volcanoes, a place where astounding beauty rises from powerful geophysical forces in Semporna, Sabah. This islet is considered as the smallest in the collection of islands that form Tun Sakaran Marine Park, nestling about 2 KM from the largest island of the park, Bodgaya Island.

Widely remained untouched, Mantabuan Island is inhabited by the nomadic community of sea gipsies that are locally known as the Bajau Laut. Visitors will get to see how they live in their boats or sea huts built on stilts on beautiful coral reefs. The other only inhabitants of Mantabuan are the Malaysian army that operates a military base there.

Just like its surrounding islands, Mantabuan Island has excellent visibility which makes it perfect for diving and snorkelling. Best known for its dive site at Black Coral Forest where precious corals can be found in huge bushes, ranging in various colours such as white to neon green to purple.

Popular Ferry Route

Popular routes to and from Mantabuan Island Jetty in Malaysia.

How to Get to Mantabuan Island Jetty

Located behind the ancient volcano of Bohey Dulang Island, speedboats are the only mode of transport to get to all the islands in the area. Mantabuan Island can be reached via a 35-minute boat trip departing from the Semporna jetty. For those travelling from Mataking or Pom Pom Islands, the trip would take around 20-30 minutes as they are a little closer to Mantabuan.

The longest trip to the island is from Mabul Island where it would take about 90 minutes. Be engaged entirely in the maritime life of the Bajau Laut and take in the scenic views throughout the journey.

Popular Ferry Operators

The operators available on Easybook to get to Mantabuan Island are D One Permata and Semporna Paradise Travel & Tours.


There are no available jetty or ferry terminal on Mantabuan Island. Arriving speedboats carrying passengers will dock at the edge of the island. This little aspect gives out the authentic deserted island experience that visitors are ready to escape to.


For a piece of heaven on earth, Mantabuan Island is a secluded secret that has crystal clear waters and snow-white sandy beaches. This beautiful island remains mostly unscathed from any major developments which makes it more peaceful than other neighbouring islands. Most importantly, divers can see magnificent corals with unprecedented visibility. You can review essential details regarding speedboat schedules and purchase a ticket to Mantabuan Island through Easybook website.

Mantabuan Island Jetty Contact Details:

Mantabuan Island, 91300 Semporna, Sabah
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