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Ferry Terminals

Pari Island Ferry Terminal

Pari Island is one of the many islands that make up the Thousand Islands just north of Jakarta’s coast in IndonesiaPari Island is a small island full of natural beauty as seen in its extensive reef system that contains mangrove forests. Interestingly, Pari Island’s reef system is less affected by the commercial tourism seen in most locations in the area, as considerable research has been devoted to its ecosystem. 
Visitors will first arrive at the Pari Island ferry port and witness firsthand where the friendly locals live their everyday lives. Pari Island is especially suited for adventurous travellers who enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, snorkelling, and many more. Island exploration can also be done with renting a bicycle at a reasonable price.  

Popular Ferry Routes 

Popular ferry routes in Pari Island Ferry Terminal in Indonesia: 

How to Get to Pari Island Ferry Terminal 

Pari Island is accessible by ferries or speedboats. Travellers can start the boat trip from the closest departure point in Jakarta at the Ancol Marina Port. Travel time is approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes. To get ferry tickets, use Easybook for a quicker booking process. Make sure to confirm the ferry schedule with the ferry operator as the timetable is subject to change in case of bad weather. 

Popular Ferry Operator in Pari Island  

Boat and ferry services in Pari Island are currently conducted by one reliable ferry company available on EasybookSea Leader Marine regularly has boat trips from Jakarta to Pari Island. Be sure to review the ferry schedule and ferry ticket price on the Easybook website before completing your online booking. 


Pari Island Ferry Terminal is a ferry port where passengers are pick-up and drop-off via the numerous ferries coming to the island. The ferry port is highly active as there are many boats dropping anchor here. There are no facilities provided other than a concrete platform to get on and off the boats. Travellers will have to take a little walk to see the rest of Pari Island. Besides the lovely beaches, many affordable accommodations are ranging from rooms to homestays on Pari Island.

Book a Ferry Ticket to Pari Island on Easybook! 

Pari Island is well known for its stunning seascape and is not a fancy resort island in any way. Travellers who are on a budget can spend a memorable vacation here. Directly buy a ferry ticket through Easybook’s online booking platform. Details such as ferry schedules and ferry ticket prices are provided for you to review before making any payment. Head over to Easybook website or download the official mobile app to book a ferry ticket to Pari Island today!

Pari Island Ferry Terminal

Pari Island, South Kepulauan Seribu, Kepulauan Seribu Regency, Jakarta 14520, Indonesia
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