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Ferry Terminals

Rach Gia Port

Boasting several unique sights worth visiting, Rach Gia portrays diverse cultures formed through the significant numbers of ethnic Chinese and Khmers as part of its population. Its lively waterfront and bustling streets are always worth a stroll offering different goods.  

Offering easy sea access and being near Cambodia as well as Thailand, Rach Gia Port is a thriving ferry port on the Gulf of Thailand. The ferry port is commonly utilised by many tourists to get to the famous Phu Quoc Island. Ferry tickets for ferry services in Rach Gia Port can now be conveniently booked in advance.  

Popular Ferry Routes 

Popular ferry route from Rach Gia Port in Vietnam 

How to Get to Rach Gia Port 

A few means of transportations are available to get to Rach Gia Port in Vietnam. Several ferries, as well as boats, offer services commuting between nearby islands and the ferry port. Taxis are also available to get to the ferry terminal conveniently although the service may be costly. For a more economical way of getting to Rach Gia Port, motorcycle taxis are abundance offering services to the ferry terminal 

Popular Ferry Operator  

Currently, ferry services within Rach Gia Port are mainly provided by Vietnam’s Superdong Fast Ferry. 

Facilities in Rach Gia Port 

As Phu Quoc island is a popular travel destination, ferries from Rach Gia Port are often fully booked to connect between the two locations. Other than a beautiful scenery offered at the ferry terminalRach Gia Port also furnishes public facilities for the convenience of those running in and out of the terminal.  

A variety of ferries and boats dock at the ferry terminal. Inside Rach Gia Port, a canteen and several waiting rooms can be accessed. A few ticket counters are also provided, but it is advisable to book ferry tickets in advance as the bustling ferry port is often packed and crowded. 
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Rach Gia Port

Ben Tau Vịnh Moc, Vĩnh Thanh, Ke Sach, Soc Trang, Vietnam
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