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About Sapi Island

Sabah is the home to many great islands in Malaysia which encourages tourism development. The islands have the best of what nature has to offer that naturally unveils amazing getaway trip ideas to attract more tourists to visit Sabah. One of the five islands that tops the tourists’ choice is Pulau Sapi or also known as Sapi Island in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park. Sapi Island is a popular choice because the setting is said to be less-commercialised and the facilities provided are reachable within short walking distance.

Water activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, swimming, banana boat ride and sea-walking are provided in Sapi Island. The most famous attraction is the Coral Flyer has to be the longest island-to-island zipline in the world lining up from Sapi Island to Gaya Island. A trip during a bright sunny day to the island allows tourists to have a beautiful experience in Sapi Island.

Popular Ferry Routes

Popular routes from Pom Pom Island Jetty in Malaysia.

How to Get to Sapi Island

Getting to Sapi Island is accessible by speedboats from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal and it only takes 30 minutes to arrive at Sapi Island Jetty. Jesselton Point to Sapi Island tickets are affordable with the return trip rate priced at RM35 for adult and RM25 for children. The ferry terminal is very near to Kota Kinabalu City (KK City), so visitors can simply get to Jesselton Point by walking.

Aside from Jesselton Point, Sapi Island is also accessible from Sutera Harbour Marina Jetty and the rates are a tad higher than Jesselton Point. The return trip is priced at RM50 per adult and RM35 per children.

Both terminals serve hourly boat services departing to the island and the first trip begins as early as 8:30 AM and final boat departs by 5:00 PM.

Popular Ferry Operators

Visitors would usually get to Sapi Island directly from Jesselton point and speedboat services are operated at fixed prices by many boat service operators at the terminal. If visitors are staying in Pacific Sutera Hotel and Magellan Sutera Resort, a trip to Sapi Island can be taken from Sutera Harbour Marina Jetty as it is located nearer.


Although the facilities in Sapi Island are not as advanced as they are in Manukan Island, it is good enough to cover the basic tourist amenities. There is no accommodation on the island, however, tourists can get to the neighbouring Gaya Island where Gaya Island Resort is located. Sapi Island tour package deals are provided by a few travel agents and the package include guide service, boat transfer, lunch, fees and snorkelling equipment.

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Sapi Island is one of the beautiful Sabah islands that offers crystal-clear water view both from the surface and underwater. Anyone who has never had an island zipline experience before, the experience can be unlocked in Sapi Island. To book a trip to Sapi Island, Easybook provides an online booking service from Jesselton Point Ferry Terminal and the booking can be made within minutes.

Sapi Island Contact Details

Jeti Pulau Sapi, Sabah
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