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Press Release

Easybook Partners With The One Travel & Tours

Easybook Partners With The One Travel & Tours

February 18th, 2014

People are known to be fond of travelling to different places all over the world to discover and explore something new. For people who want to travel from Singapore to Malaysia comfortably and easily, they need to make sure that they are going to select the best travel and tour transportation that would provide them a convenient and enjoyable travel experience.

Since people can already travel by bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur , Ipoh, Johor and various part in Malaysia, they need to get in touch with the best coach company that are offering affordable bus tickets and the one that can help lessen the hassle of travelling through public transportation. The One Travel & Tours will let them feel at ease buying their bus tickets.

The One Travel & Tours works in partnership with Five Stars Malaysia to provide travelers with well-equipped bus services to ensure a comfortable and safe travel from Singapore and to various places in Malaysia. Some of the bus routes that the company is offering are from Singapore to Johor, Mersing, Kuala Lumpur,1 Utama, Ipoh and much more.

It gives people the convenience since they are providing bus tickets from different destinations at its affordable price. Since they really want to help people to be at ease, they already have their online booking through Easybook.com as their website. This is very essential for the people since it helps them save their time and prevent hassles since they will no longer go to bus counters in purchasing their bus tickets.

The pick-up area of The One Travel & Tours for their buses in Singapore is in Golden Mile Complex. They also have their pick-up station in Boon Lay Shopping area of the place. These booking online services that are provided by The One Travel & Tours is completely essential to the people especially those who are busy and can't even spare time to go to any Singapore bus counters for their ticket.

So, for people who are really longing for a convenient and comfortable travel in Singapore, being part of the online services of The One Travel & Tours through their official website at Easybook.com is an ideal thing to do. Getting in touch with the company's services will completely provide the people comfortable and amazing travel that is all worth it.

Don’t miss the chance of visiting their site at Easybook.com to get to know more information about their online booking services that would truly let people feel at ease during their travel.

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Source: http://marketersmedia.com/easibook-partners-with-the-one-travel-tours/33556

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