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Train Service in Phnom Penh

Serving as one of the main public transportation options in the busy city of Phnom Penh, the train is widely used both by the locals and travellers who prefer a smoother and less-bustling land cruise to the selected cities. Phnom Penh train station recently underwent a major upgrade for its rail networks and services, connecting to few other cities/towns in Cambodia.

Generally, there are two train stations in Phnom Penh, namely Phnom Penh train station and Phnom Penh International Airport station. The train from each station runs on different train routes using two separate rail lines. However, the main train station serving the city is Phnom Penh train station that is linked to three railway networks. The train in Phnom Penh International Airport only serves the route between the airport and Phnom Penh Station.

The two other railway networks connected to Phnom Penh train station are Phnom Penh – Sihanoukville line and Phnom Penh – Poipet line. These two train routes provide stops to many cities in Cambodia including Poipet, Battambang, Pursat, Takeo and Kampot.

How to get to Phnom Penh Station

Situated in the city centre, Phnom Penh train station can be accessed easily by various means of transportation. With the recent railway line that is connected to the city of Phnom Penh from the airport, travellers can get to Phnom Penh Station without any hassle. The train is directed towards Phnom Penh Station and the journey takes approximately 40 minutes.

Since Phnom Penh train station has direct links to two other railway lines from Sihanoukville and Poipet, you can reach the station from various cities where the train passes and stops by. If you are taking a train via Phnom Penh – Poipet Line from Pursat Station, the estimated time is around 8.5 hours to reach Phnom Penh Station. While via Phom Penh - Sihanoukville line, the journey from Sihanoukville to Phnom Penh will take around 7 hours.

Other means of transportations available for you to get to Phnom Penh train station are by taxis, tuk-tuks (traditional auto rickshaw) and buses. If you want to go to the station from any nearby area, taxis or tuk-tuk would be a good choice for you.

There is also a bus rapid transit called the Phnom Penh City Bus, which is a host to three bus lines crossing many locations in the city. You can alight at Central Market Bus Stop, then take a 5-minute taxi or tuk-tuk ride to Phnom Penh Station.

Popular Train Operator in Phnom Penh

The only train operator who provides railway services in Phnom Penh is Royal Railway Cambodia. Travelling by train has rather become a convenience both for the locals and travellers. The company is responsible for the railway networks that are connected to Phnom Penh Station.

Train Routes to Phnom Penh

Sihanoukville – Phnom Penh Lines

Train schedule departing from Sihanoukville → Kampot → Takeo → Phnom Penh

SihanoukvilleKampotTakeoPhnom Penh

The train services are not provided daily, except for Phnom Penh – Phnom Penh International Airport Line where the service is served daily with trains operating every 90 minutes. The ticket fares priced from USD4 to USD7 depending on the route, while for children under 12 years old are entitled to free rides. Travellers are advised to check the train schedules before planning your trip as the schedules are liable to change.

Popular train routes to Phnom Penh train station

Things to do in Phnom Penh

Among the popular tourist attractions and activities available in Phnom Penh include a visit to the National Museum, Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum, Royal Palace, the Choeng Ek Killing Fields and Wat Phnom. These places will give you to the hindsight of historical and archaeological exposures of the city. This land is home to the world heritage site that showcases its vast hidden treasures for the visitors.

Travellers can also find delicious delicacies that you can enjoy in Phnom Penh such as street stalls, noodle shops to fine traditional dining. There are various types of food available for you to have a taste of Cambodian cuisine.


Train routes to Phnom Penh have become a convenient way to connect to different cities. The railway networks that are routed to Phnom Penh train station allow travellers to commute to Phnom Penh easily. This city centre keeps gaining the attention of many tourists globally; hence the train service between Phnom Penh International Airport and Phnom Penh Station was built as main transit options.

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