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Train Stations

About Ipoh Railway Station

Situated in Ipoh; the capital city of Perak, the Ipoh Railway Station is a significant stop along the North-South Line in Malaysian Railway. This train station is at the south-western side of Ipoh and all ETS trains disembark here. Serving as the main railway terminal of Perak, Ipoh Railway Station not only operates the KTM ETS train services, it also conducts freight trains.

As part of KTM’s double tracking and electrification project between Ipoh and Rawang, this train station was significantly renovated and is currently known as the “Taj Mahal of Ipoh” by the locals. Ipoh Railway Station also houses a station hotel called the Majestic Hotel.

How to Get to Ipoh Train Station

The easiest way for travellers to arrive at Ipoh Railway Station is by taking the ETS trains. Travellers from KL city centre can take the ETS train from KL Sentral towards Ipoh Railway Station. Other ETS stations accessible from other states can be considered as well.

Travellers can ride an express bus from Kuala Lumpur to Ipoh arriving at Amanjaya Bus Terminal, then take a car-sharing or taxi ride in less than 20 minutes from Ipoh Railway Station. Luckily, the express bus ride from other states in Peninsular Malaysia is available too. Easybook provides a wide range of options according to your preferred route.

If you are commuting from the town of Ipoh, the Ipoh Railway Station is accessible via personal car, taxi and car-sharing ride about 10 minutes’ drive away. From Medan Kidd Bus Station, it only takes 8 minutes of walking distance to arrive at the train station. Getting to Ipoh Railway Station from Sultan Azlan Shah Airport (Ipoh Airport) takes 16 minutes or so.

Popular Train Operator in Ipoh Railway Station

All available train stations in Malaysia are operated by the Malayan Railway, also known as KTMB (Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad), including Ipoh Railway Station.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Ipoh Railway Station in Malaysia.

Facilities in Ipoh Railway Station

Being one of the major train stations within the state of Perak, Ipoh Railway Station has several functional facilities and amenities to cater to the needs of the arriving travellers. After recent renovations, travellers can put their luggage on the available paid storage lockers conveniently. Bored by waiting for your train to arrive? There is a café in Ipoh Railway Station for you to enjoy a cup of coffee or have a snack.

Top features:


The Ipoh Railway Station is a major train station that operates mostly as a stop for ETS trains from other states within Peninsular Malaysia. This train station is a great combination of modern train service surrounded by historical buildings.

Situated in the capital city of Perak makes it easy to access by some local public transportation as well. Only a few minutes of walking distance from Ipoh Railway Station to the town area, travellers can get to many tourist attractions located nearby.

As we already know, Ipoh has so much to offer other than being a historical city. Visit our Easybook website or via our mobile application to book your train tickets to Ipoh now! We look forward to serving your trip to Ipoh via our convenient online booking system.

Ipoh Railway Station Contact Details:

Ipoh Railway Station, Jalan Panglima Bukit Gantang Wahab, 30000 Ipoh, Perak
(+605) 254 0481

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