Duta Pangkor Express Ferry

Known as one of the best holiday destinations in Malaysia, Pangkor Island treasures a multitude wonder of nature and it is often visited both by the locals and foreign tourists mainly for its beautiful beaches, fantastic wildlife and excellent resorts. The only way to get access to Pangkor Island is by taking a ferry from Lumut Jetty in Perak.

Although several ferry operators serve ferry routes to Pangkor, Duta Pangkor Express is a prominent operator that offer frequent ferry services between Lumut and Pangkor. The company provides six ferries that can accommodate up to around 220 passengers per trip.

Reasons to travel with Duta Pangkor Express

Serving thousands of passengers every year, Duta Pangkor Express has established itself as a renowned ferry service provider in the Perak Tourism industry. The company offers affordable ferry ticket prices for passengers within standard fares for the Lumut Jetty – Pangkor Jetty route. Trusted by many, travelling to Pangkor Island with Duta Pangkor Express is guaranteed to have a safe and memorable journey

Type of Ferry and Amenities Onboard

There are both single and double-decker boats provided by Duta Pangkor Express. Each boat can fit 126 to 228 passengers for each trip. The ferry is fully-equipped with an air-conditioning system to cool down from the heat. It is also designed with comfortable seats to allow passengers to have a smooth experience throughout the journey. Other amenities like toilets, life-jackets and lifebuoy are also available for safety purposes.

Popular Ferry Route


Ferry tickets to Pangkor Island can be purchased within a few clicks by using the online booking platform here at Easybook. Everyone can search for their ferry routes to find out more information on the ferry schedules and ferry ticket prices. Travel with Duta Pangkor Express conveniently today!

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