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People can take the boat from the Gorontalo ferry terminal to get to many places, including the Togian Islands and the northern island of Sulawesi. People know it best for the boat "Tuna Tomini," which goes between Gorontalo and the Togian Islands (Wakai). The Tuna Tomini boat now runs twice a week, starting from Gorontalo and going to the Togian Islands every Tuesday and Friday afternoon around 16:00. It then goes back from the Togian Islands to Gorontalo every Monday and Thursday afternoon around 16:00.

The boat station is run by PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero), also known as Pelindo. Pelindo is the state-owned company in Indonesia that manages and provides port services. The station is at Jl. Mayor Dullah No.176 in Gorontalo. It helps with many types of marine travel, which is very important for the region's business interests and connections.

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There are a few ways to get to the Gorontalo boat port, based on where you are coming from:

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In conclusion, the Gorontalo ferry terminal is connecting some of Indonesia's most beautiful and remote places. Its services, like the "Tuna Tomini" boat service, show how important marine travel is to the tourists and growth of the archipelago. Book your ticket with Easybook website or application to redeem more promotion and deals!

Contact Details:

Address: Talumolo, Dombo, Kota Gorontalo, Gorontalo, Indonesia

*仅高价于柜台价格0.01% **仅适用于没有使用折扣码的交易 ***部分行程折扣已包含于票价中(低于柜台价) *图片仅供参考 * 行程时间仅为估计时间。