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About Tekek Pulau Tioman Jetty Point

With so many wonders in such a small region, it is impossible not to grab the opportunity to visit Tekek. Tekek is the capital village of Pulau Tioman, located along a 3-kilometre coastal stretch at the island’s central west. With Pulau Tioman known as a duty-free island, local businesses were quick to capitalise in the small town of Tekek with numerous duty-free shops and resorts.

The village of Tekek or Kampung Tekek boasts Pulau Tioman's only immigration terminal for passengers disembarking from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal in Singapore. Tekek Pulau Tioman Jetty point hosts the arrival of domestic as well as international ferry rides heading towards Tioman Island. The small-scale town of Tekek has naturally grown into the island's main entry and exit point due to its central location within the isle of Tioman.

Popular Ferry Routes

There are no ticket counters available on Tioman Island, so travellers are encouraged to purchase 2-way tickets from Mersing or Tanjung Gemok terminals to have a convenient travel experience. Here are the popular routes to Tekek Pulau Tioman.

How to Get to Tekek Pulau Tioman Jetty Point

As the jetty is centrally located in the capital of the Tioman Island, access to the jetty point can be attained via a combination of local bus services along with ferry rides from the mainland of the peninsula. Train and flight routes heading towards Tekek Pulau Tioman Jetty point is not an option as there are no services currently offered.

Bus services to get to Tekek in Pulau Tioman will stop at Mersing Jetty in Johor as a transit point whereby the jetty is a major gateway to the island. After the bus ride, visitors can wait for the next available ferry out to sea heading to Tioman. Another jumping point to get to Tekek in Pulau Tioman is through Tanjung Gemok Ferry Terminal, located between Endau and Rompin in the state of Pahang.

Popular Ferry Operators

A few ferry services operating in Tekek Pulau Tioman Jetty Point can be chosen from including Blue Water Express and Cataferry.


Being a capital town on the island, access to many facilities are provided within Tekek in Pulau Tioman for everyone shifting around the island. A cluster of hotels and a few affordable homestays lie along the southern beach stretch, providing mostly budget accommodation in chalets. The marine park is the only snorkelling ground here, but there is a major beach area along the resort stretch.

Due to its wide extent of facilities and conveniences, Tekek Pulau Tioman Jetty Point offers pretty much everything. Other than the extras, basic amenities such as clean washrooms as well as waiting points can also be accessed within the jetty. Ferry schedules within Tekek Pulau Tioman Jetty Point can now be reviewed on the website for a convenient trip.

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Tioman is not just any quiet island with simplicity. Essentially a beach town, there is an extensive urban infrastructure including retail shops, an ATM, highway, airport, marina and a jetty complex. While lacking the natural beauty of smaller villages, Tekek in Tioman offers a variety of exciting packages making it popular among visitors for its wealth of modern facilities and duty-free shopping. The island offers a diversity of accommodations from luxury seafront hotels and resorts to budget hotels. Exquisite restaurants offering fresh, superb, tasty seafood is available widely as the island is surrounded with a local ambience.

Check out available schedules via Tekek Pulau Tioman Jetty Point now to secure ferry tickets within minutes. Gone are the tedious traditional ferry ticket purchasing process as passengers can now check the available ferry schedules online before proceeding to place a purchase. With the availability of online ferry schedules to the jetty point, planning a trip to Tekek in Pulau Tioman is now much easier with Easybook’s user-friendly platform through these simple steps.

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