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Best Guide from Seremban to Ipoh

Best Guide from Seremban to Ipoh

A trip from Seremban to Ipoh is an interesting one that you will never forget in a hurry not only because it is a road trip which will make you travel by bus but also because of the variety of dishes that you will be eating when you get to Ipoh by bus. Ipoh is a great and wonderful city that is located in Malaysia and the city got its name through the simple fact that the early indigenes used the poisonous ivy from the Ipoh tree for hunting. This city is located on the valley of the Kinta River and this river area is known for her richness in tin bearing. It is located on the Northern side of Kuala Lumpur.

Travel Guide for Bus from Seremban to Ipoh

The city was initially known to be a great city for mining during the British colonial era and it is the second ancient city of Malaysia which is also notable for her railway station which is an architectural masterpiece. The mixture of Chinese food and that of the early indigents blended so much and made the cuisine of this city one that is loved and desired by all.

One can travel by bus from Seremban to Ipoh and this has been made very easy all thanks to www.easybook.com which has made booking for a bus ticket very easy as buying of tickets can now be done online. The kind of buses that travel this route is another reason why you will love traveling this route as they are nothing but “train coaches on the road”. Some of the famous express bus companies that offers bus from Seremban to Ipoh services includes Kharizan Enterprise, Sri Maju , Transnasional, S&S International (M) Express, Cepat & Cekap Express and heaps more. The availability of numerous bus service providers give you the opportunity of choosing which the best travel bus service is and it also enhances the fun you derive from traveling by road. The trip from Seremban to Ipoh is made very rewarding after you might have had a taste of the excellent and delicious cuisine of Ipoh.

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