Bintang Raya Travel

For people who do a lot of activities by traveling outside the city, using public transportation services is of course often done. As for the transportation most favored by the general public is land transportation. Although the distance is not as fast as air transportation, using land transportation also has many advantages. For example, ticket prices are quite cheap so that people with middle to lower economic backgrounds can enjoy it. There are also many options for land transportation, one of which is by using a travel transportation service that provides shuttle services to homes so that we don't have to come to the bus departure location and wait for pick-up when we arrive at the terminal. The travel party will take you to the front of your destination. One of the well-known travel companies in the island of Java is Bintang Raya Travel. This travel agent has routes including Semarang-Jakarta, Semarang-Bandung, Semarang-Malang, Surabaya, Purbalingga, Purwokerto and others. Bintang Raya Travel is an official travel company that is equipped with SIUP and TDP. This travel is located on Jl. Margosari 1/18, Sawah Besar, Semarang 50163, some of the fleets from this trip are Gran Max, Luxio, and Elf Jong. Bintang Raya Travel also has friendly and courteous staff, professional drivers, and always prioritizes passenger safety, so that passengers can feel safe and comfortable during the trip.

Bintang Raya Travel also has various kinds of car units ranging from 5 people to 7 people. Various types of cars and their facilities include: Semarang- Cirebon- Jakarta, Semarang- Cirebon- Bandung, Semarang - Surabaya, Semarang- Purbalingga, and Jakarta - Purbalingga routes using L300, Avanza, with a capacity of 5 people equipped with air conditioning, recleining seats, pillows, full of music and the passengers are escorted and picked up from home. As for the Semarang - Kediri - Malang route and vice versa, use Elf, Luxio, and Granmax cars with AC, reclining seats, shuttle, and 1x meal service. During the Covid-19 period, passengers are required to wear a mask and bring their respective handsanitizer, because the travel agency does not provide it during the trip. You can order tickets for Bintang Raya Travel online. Online ticket reservations can be made through a transportation ticket service provider application such as Easybook. This can make it easier for you without having to go to a travel location. You can also make an order via Easybook for each route. Because the travel agency has provided an admin who will record your ticket order. Ticket payments can be made via bank transfer. If you want to order tickets offline, you can go to the travel counter directly. You can also make cash payments immediately at that time. Ticket prices vary according to the route to be addressed. For the Semarang - Cirebon - Bandung route and vice versa, for non-toll rates using an L300 car Rp. 272,000.00 for a toll via toll using an Avanza car Rp. 325,000.00. For the Semarang - Kediri - Malang route, the fare is Rp. 275,000.00, the route Semarang - Cirebon - Jakarta costs Rp. 475,000.00 via Cipali Toll, Semarang - Suci - Surabaya Route and vice versa Rp. 275,000.00. For the Purwokerto - Cirebon - Jakarta route Rp. 375,000.00 and for Jakarta - Purwokerto via the Cipali toll road Rp. 425,000.00 and the last for the Jakarta-Purbalingga route and vice versa Rp. 375,000.00.

* Only 0.01% trips slightly higher than counter price. ** Only applicable for transactions without the use of discount code and trips offered by certain companies. *** For certain trips only, discount already reflected in the ticket price itself (i.e. lower price than bus counters). * Bus pictures are for reference only. * Trip durations are estimated time only.