PO. LORENA Bus Service

Lorena Transport was established in 1970 and began running short distance transportation service utilising just two Mercedes Benz buses for inter-city routes like Bogor to Jakarta with return bus tickets. While in 1984, they offered another route from Jakarta to Surabaya then followed by other cities like Java, Madura, Bali and Sumatra. PO. LORENA currently owns more than 500 units of buses to various towns in Indonesia available for online booking. 

In 1989, PO. LORENA expanded its business by establishing PT. Ryanta Mitra Karina or "KARINA", which is also engaged in the inter-provincial and inter-city bus public transportation services (AKAP), that serves Jakarta, Surabaya, Malang, Madura and Denpasar routes. Lorena Transport thrives on serving their passengers excellent customer service through efficient buses. 

Reasons to Travel with PO. LORENA 

Lorena Transport has received many recognitions from various institutions and was known to become the leading land transportation company in Indonesia to obtain the ISO 9001: 2000 certification. On top of that, Lorena Transport also operates a well-equipped bus depot in Southern Jakarta to support their increasing buses operation.  

As for frequent travellers, Lorena Transport came out with a flagship program in June 2008 namely the Green Card LORENA-KARINA known to offer multiple benefits if they apply and travel with buses by PO. LORENA. By prioritizing passengers’ comfort, Lorena Transport only hires skilled drivers onboard their buses. Do not hesitate to book their bus ticket made available through Easybook online booking platform. 

Types of Bus & Amenities 

PO. LORENA operates modest executivebuses that are equipped with air-conditioning system, comfortable reclining seats that come with 2-2 seating configuration, attached toilet as well as complimentary blankets for onboard passengers’ comfort while on the road. 

Bus Amenities: 

  • Air-conditioning system 
  • Reclining seats 
  • Attached toilet 
  • Complimentary blanket 

Popular Bus Route by PO. LORENA 

Currently, Lorena Transport offers daily trips to Palembang from the capital city of Jakarta that can be reserved from a few bus schedules available at Easybook online booking platform. Each bus ticket of PO. LORENA is priced from Rp. 340.000,00 per person.  

Book PO. LORENA Bus Tickets at Easybook Today! 

Whether if it’s a business trip or leisure trip with families to PalembangLorena Transport is ready to assist travellers with attractive bus ticket prices and choices of bus schedules available for online booking at Easybook. We wish you a pleasant trip to Indonesia with PO. LORENA 

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
PO. LORENA Office Terminal Pasar Minggu, Jl. Raya Pasar Minggu, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia +62082298667628
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