PO Madu Kismo Bus Service

PO Madu Kismo is one of the renowned transportation company based at Terminal Ceguk in Pamekasan Madura, Indonesia offering bus ticket to major cities around the country which includes Java, Bali, Sumatra and Lombok. 

Started operating fleets since the 1990s, PO Madu Kismo initially provides trips from cities in Central Java to Kota Jakarta with return bus tickets. In addition to serving the primary AKAP routes, PO Madu Kismo has expanded its business by providing tourism bus services to date. This local bus operator prioritizes excellent service supported by friendly yet professional crews and drivers in assisting travellers to popular tourist attractions within Indonesia 

Reasons to Travel with PO Madu Kismo 

PO Madu Kismo gained their reputation among foreign and local travellers for their excellence in providing reliable and efficient bus services, including proper team management between crews and drivers ensuring onboard passengers are comfortable throughout the journey. 

Additionally, customers of Madu Kismo can also attain bus rental services that can be chartered accordingly, no matter the occasion. Be it official trips or tourism trips, PO Madu Kismo is ready to assist their customers with top-notch service. 

Types of Bus & Amenities 

PO Madu Kismo not only serves large buses, but many fleets with different seating capacities can be arranged for customers’ convenience. Among the available fleets are Elf buses fit for 12 to 17 passengers, a medium bus with 20 to 33 seats, including a large bus with 2-3 seating configuration that can fit from 54 to 62 passengers. 

On top of that, their executive buses are furnished with TV and LCD screens, 2-2 seating configuration, cooling air-conditioning system as well as an attached toilet for a more pleasant trip to favourite destinations in Indonesia 

Bus Routes Offered by PO Madu Kismo 

Currently, the routes served by PO Madu Kismo are cities in Kota Jakarta that includes Lebak Bulus, Poris, Kampung Rambutan, CibitungCikarangTanjung Priuk and Terminal Pulo Gebang that departs from Madura Pamekasan. Travellers can review their ticket prices, along with preferred bus schedules feasibly through Easybook online booking platform.  

Book PO Madu Kismo Bus Tickets on Easybook 

Save time and energy by booking PO Madu Kismo bus ticket seamlessly with the help of Easybook online booking platform. Users can also check out different bus schedules to cities around Kota Jakarta and compare ticket prices on our website or via Easybook free mobile app available on both Play Store and App Store. 

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
PO Madu Kismo Office Terminal Ceguk, Pamekasan Madura, Indonesia +62085232074918
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