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27 Sep 2023, Wed
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Singapore, Singapore
Penang, Malaysia
( Round Trip )
27 Sep 2023, Wed

Flight Service from Singapore to Penang

The state island of Penang is located on the west coast of the northern region of Peninsular Malaysia. Nicknamed as the ‘Pearl of the Orient’, this is a fantastic place where the hills meet the ocean, food, arts and a diversity of cultures. No other city in Malaysia matches the energy of Penang which is why travellers from Singapore would often escape to this hotspot from the frantic city life.

A flight from Singapore to Penang could not be any easier as it takes an average time of 1.5 hours to arrive. There are around 87 direct flight from Singapore to Penang with most airlines provide regular flight timetable with attractive flight ticket prices namely Singapore Airlines, AirAsia, Jetstar and Scoot.

How to get to the Singapore airport

Every flight from Singapore to Penang leaves from the Changi International Airport and it is easy for travellers within Singapore to get there without meeting the flight timetable because of the efficient and cost-effective public transport network by taxi, train and bus.

Passengers can easily hail a taxi on the street or book at the hotel counter. Taxis in Singapore are meticulously maintained due to local regulations, often at low prices as most places do not cost more than SGD 27 for a trip that takes about 30 minutes in order not to miss the flight schedule.

Changi Airport is located to the east of the city, which is the last eastbound stop on the Singapore subway system by making a transfer to the eastbound train at Tanah Merah station. Train tickets are purchased at any respective stations, however, using the stored-value EZ-Link card is more convenient particularly for multiple rides. Passengers can buy the card from any train stations as well as any Changi Recommends store.

The public bus stops at all four terminals in Changi Airport. Prepare the accurate price for the ride as no change will be presented. As with using the train, passengers can just put to good use the EZ-Link card for buses too. Free shuttle bus service at a first-come-first-served system is obtainable to the airport but only operates from Monday to Friday.

About Changi Airport

Singapore’s Changi Airport currently has a total of 573 awards and accolades under its belt. Most international trips to or from the country take place here with popular destinations including flight from Singapore to Penang, Malaysia, Indonesia, India and more. The airport’s most striking feature is its strong emphasis on nature as there is an outdoor nature trail garden and manifold themed gardens that create an exciting environment while waiting.

Changi Airport is very advanced in terms of technology and facilities compared to most airports in Southeast Asia. There are four terminals, each furnished with its amenities such as access to the baggage storage counters, ATMs, money changers, clean toilets, convenient stores, hawker-style food stalls and prayer rooms. Unconventional facilities are also available namely the swimming pool, movie theatre, beauty and reflexology centres, play areas for kids, sleeping areas plus massage chairs located at various spots.

Arriving in Penang International Airport

All flights would arrive at Penang International Airport located on Penang Island, which is around a 30-minute drive away from George Town. Being the third busiest airport in Malaysia, it primarily serves low-cost carriers such as AirAsia, but MAS also operates flights from here to KL. On top of the usual 20 day-to-day flights between Kuala Lumpur and Penang, the airport also covers flight routes to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and more.

The airport is a two-level terminal building with the arrival hall on the ground floor and departure hall on the first floor. There are convenient shops as well as several restaurants at the departure concourse area. Other facilities available are the bank, money exchange office and a car rental counter.

To take the taxi from the airport, buy a coupon at the terminal with trips to Georgetown. There are a few bus lines available from Penang Airport, as well as the Rapid Penang bus.

Traveller Info

Besides sharing the same time zone, Malaysia and Singapore are more alike than they are dissimilar. Both speak the same languages, enjoy the same food, experience the same weather with regular tropical downpours from time to time.

Malaysia uses the Malaysian Ringgit while the Singapore Dollar is used in Singapore while credit cards are widely used in both countries through Visa and Mastercard. No visa is needed for Singaporeans who come to Malaysia as a tourist unless it is related to work or education. Foreign nationals are required to check Malaysia’s visa exempt list before entering the country just in case advanced preparations are needed.


It is easy to book for a flight from Singapore to Penang through Easybook.com. Low-cost carriers like AirAsia, Jetstar and TigerAir offer great flight ticket price with fixed flight timetable are available to book for the convenience of the passengers. Information such as flight schedule and flight ticket price can be found on our site to any cities in Malaysia and countries nearby.

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