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Akas Asri Boemel

Traveling outside the city or province is certainly an activity that is often done by some people in Indonesia. This is done with a variety of needs such as business affairs, family visits or other needs. One of the common public transport used by the public is the bus transport service. This is due to the low ticket price so that it can be enjoyed by the public from various circles. Buses also have a variety of routes or destinations that can be used for various destinations. The popularity of bus transport made entrepreneurs start racing to pioneer the bus transportation service business. Until now, there are a lot of companies - companies that operate on bus transport services both managed by the government and private companies. This also makes the bus company has a fierce competition to be able to attract passengers so that the business conducted can continue to run and improve. One of the bus companies that has been operating for a long time is Akas Asri Boemel Ekonomi.

Profil Akas Asri Boemel Ekonomi

Akas Asri Boemel Ekonomi is a bus company that serves inter-city and inter-provincial majors in the island of Java. This bus company was founded by H. Karman Amat in 1956 in Purbolinggo. AKAS itself is an extension of Ali Karman Amat Sekeluarga. Characteristic of the Akas Asri Boemel Ekonomi bus is a white bus with black, red, and gray livery and is complete with Akas Asri Boemel Ekonomi. The routes include:

Jember – Surabaya (pulang pergi)

Surabaya – Madura (pulang pergi)

Jember – Purbolinggo – Jakarta (pulang pergi )

Yogyakarta – Jember (pulang pergi )

Surabaya – Probolinggo – Jember (pulang pergi )

Ambulu – Ponorogo (pulang pergi )

Fasilitas Akas Asri Boemel Ekonomi

Akas Asri Boemel Ekonomi always improves the quality of services and facilities to make passengers safe and comfortable during the journey. Reliable drivers and experts in the field will drive very carefully and the polite and friendly staff crew is ready to serve your needs during the journey. The facilities that passengers will get are cars with good engine condition and still excellent, air conditioning economy, entertainment in the form of full music and LED TV so that passengers do not feel bored during the trip. The seating provided is also very comfortable with ample foot space so it can reduce the feeling of fatigue during the trip.

Tiket Akas Asri Boemel Ekonomi.

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