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Ayu Lestari Travel

Bali is a tourist destination for everyone because of its very attractive atmosphere and culture. There are many places you can visit when going to Bali. You can use a private vehicle, backpacker to use travel one of the travel that is quite famous and quality is Ayu Lestari Travel. Nusa Dua Beach Bali One of the most popular beach tourist destinations is Nusa Dua beach located in South Kuta, Badung, Bali. This beach is very much admired for its beauty. There is something you need to know before you go to this beach. Nusa Dua Beach is a group of beaches that consists of several beaches namely Mengiat Beach, Geger Beach, Segara Samuh Beach and Sawangan Beach. Interestingly, Nusa Dua beach is also referred to as the cleanest beach in Bali. In addition to offering the beauty of the beach, this beach also has various other facilities such as golf courses, shopping malls, show venues to international standard hospitals. If you are interested in visiting Nusa Dua beach you can choose to travel for beach tour to Bali which offers you a trip to Nusa Dua Beach. Samuh Beach One of the interesting clusters of beaches in Nusa Dua is Samuh beach. This beach is known as a beach that has a very beautiful sunset. Samuh beach location is located in the eastern part of Bali Island. About 500 meters from Samuh Beach you can find the best snorkelling locations in Bali. PAndawa Beach PAndawa beach is considered as a secret beach in Bali and even a favorite of many tourists when going to Bali. Bali as Indonesia's tourist icon has a group of beautiful beaches that do not need to be questioned about its beauty. This beach is flanked by two rock cliffs so that Andawa beach is also called "The Secret Beach". You can swim and enjoy the beauty of this beach freely. Moreover, this beach belongs to a quiet beach that you can use to gather with your family. As the name implies, PAndawa Beach has a PAndawa statue located on the walls of the cliffs. The public considers that knight PAndawa is responsible for protecting the beach and protecting the area around the beach from danger. Another interesting thing you can do on this beach is play paragliding, you can play paragliding from the top of Timbis Hill and enjoy the beauty of the beach from a certain height. You can rent paragliding from just 400 thousand. Seminyak Beach If you use bali travel travel services such as Ayu Lestari Travel. You can also visit Seminyak Beach. This beach which is considered to be the most beautiful beach in Bali has an interesting and exotic view, you can enjoy a stretch of white and soft beach and you can also play very safely.

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