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Setia Negara Bandung

The Setia Negara (Bandung) bus is a land transportation that is quite popular with the public. Apart from its affordable price, traveling by bus will give you a lot of experiences and something new while traveling. Buses are also very suitable if you want to travel to a place with a large number of people such as going home or on vacation with extended family, work colleagues, or study tours.

One of the PO buses that has been operating again is Bus Setia Negara Bandung. As the name implies, Bus Setia Negara Bandung is one of the bus companies originating from West Java with destinations to several provinces on the islands of Sumatra and Java. The services offered by the Setia Negara Bandung Bus are providing AKAP Bus (between provinces and cities) and bus units for tourism. These bus routes include Bandung-Cirebon-Semarang, Bandung-Bekasi, Bandung-Tangerang, Bandung-Kudus, Bandung-Lampung, Bandung-Palembang, and Bandung-Jambi. The routes for tourism are usually more routes around the island of Java

Bus Setia Negara Bandung prioritizes comfort and safety in its services. This bus always makes innovations and improvements for its passengers to always be happy on the way and safely to their destination. The choice of bus units also varies, ranging from economy, economy AC, medium bus and big bus so that passengers can choose which type of bus to accompany their trip. The facilities obtained by the passengers are also no joke. The facilities for AKAP buses are a 2/2 seating configuration for a capacity of 38-50 people and a 2/3 seating configuration for a capacity of 54-60 people, toilets, air conditioning, and a small TV for entertainment. As for the tourism bus unit, Setia Negara Bandung also has facilities that are not inferior to other bus operators. The tourism bus unit facilities include a seating configuration of 2/2 for a capacity of 38-50 people and 2/3 for 54-60 people, air conditioning, karaoke, small TV for entertainment, blankets, toilets on the bus, and many more. The Setia Negara Bandung bus also provides convenience in booking tickets. Ordering bus tickets can be made online or offline. If you want to order tickets online, you can go to the website www.easybook.com or through the Easybook application which can be downloaded via the Playstore or Appstore. Ordering tickets online is certainly very easy for those of you who are busy so you don't have time to order tickets directly. To order tickets offline, you can go directly to the Setia Negara Bandung bus terminal. The price offered by this bus also varies greatly depending on the route to be taken. The Setia Negara Bandung bus ticket prices include: Bandung-Jambi route IDR 330,000.00 with a departure schedule at 12.30, Bandung-Palembang route IDR 300,000.00, Tangerang-Kuningan (West Java) IDR. 100,000.00, Bogor-Cirebon Rp. 70,000.00. However, this ticket price can change at any time according to the ticket provider decision. For a more accurate price and departure schedule, you can contact the bus staff near you or check regularly via the ticket provider website or application.

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