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Puspa Jaya Yogyakarta

Very pleasant of course to travel by bus. Comfort you can get while on the go. Of course not to forget, you can see the pleasant scenery during the trip. One of the providers of land transport services, the Puspa Jaya Yogyakarta bus provides the convenience for anyone who wants to ride to their destination safely and securely. Puspa Jaya Yogyakarta is a bus company operating in Lampung. Serves trips out of town, between islands, and between provinces. Enjoying this incredible trip is presented to provide an incredibly pleasant sensation. With its latest fleet, of course during the trip will be more fun and do not get anything obstructive. You will be transported to your destination safely and safely for sure. The transport company that serves inter-provincial island travel provides convenience and convenience for those of you who want to travel to the island of Sumatra by land. Puspa Jaya Yogyakarta provides convenience. You can enjoy the journey from Yogyakarta to Lampung directly without transit via land. Definitely an immersive experience for you who want to try it. This bus company has a large fleet. With the latest fleets, ready to meet your travel needs. Various facilities are provided to increase the comfort of the passengers. So that during the trip will not feel bored. Because the journey to Lampung from Yogyakarta is a long journey. Therefore, it is necessary to provide entertainment for passengers.

Armadanya ini juga didukung oleh driver dan kru yang profesional, ramah, dan sopan. Sehingga tak heran para penumpang selalu merasa terkesan dengan pelayanan yang diberikan ini. Untuk itu, tidak mengherankan bila pelayanan yang utama ini sangat menyenangkan bagi para penumpang yang menggunakan layanan transportasi yang diberikan ini. Sebagai penyedia layanan transportasi, tentu Puspa Jaya Yogyakarta telah banyak pengalamannya. 

Present to provide excitement in the world of transportation, this bus company is ready to serve passengers who want to travel to the island of Sumatra from Yogyakarta or vice versa. As a bus company based in Lampung, of course the route to Java Island is quite popular. Passengers are increasingly enthusiastic about the services and facilities provided. So add to the lively world of transportation in Indonesia. We know, buses are still a favorite for many people. Of course for economic reasons. Because traveling by bus is very cheap and affordable. Rates also vary according to the class you choose. Nevertheless, buses remain the most economical among other transportation services. In addition, of course, traveling by bus is a comfortable thing and certainly does not hinder you during the journey. Bus Puspa Jaya Yogyakarta which is an intercity bus between provinces is increasingly leading in providing services to passengers. Consisting of several classes provided, in addition to economy and VIP air conditioning, this bus also has executive classes. The executive class has a 2-2 bench configuration. So as to provide comfort for the passengers. The cabin itself is very comfortable, as the bench has reclining seat facilities. So you can arrange it for your convenience. If you want to try to travel with this Puspa Jaya Yogyakarta bus, of course you can directly buy the ticket online at Easybook.com. Booking travel tickets at Easybook.com is certainly cheaper, easier and more convenient. You can avoid the ticket queue at the counter.

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Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
Puspa Jaya Jl. Ringroad Selatan No.9, Tamanan, Kec. Banguntapan, Kabupaten Bantul, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55188
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