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Restu Mulya Lamongan

Buses are one of the land transport designed to be able to transport large numbers of passengers. The bus capacity can reach 300 passengers. This transportation is designed for more efficient movement for all passengers. Until now, buses are still the mainstay land transport for the people in Indonesia, especially for buses that travel between cities between provinces (AKAP) and buses used for travel. The relatively low price and the large number of route options make this bus quite popular with people of various economic backgrounds - different. In Indonesia, almost all regions have bus transportation that has routes to that region. Bus service facilities are also continuously upgraded with the advancement of technology. Public transportation is also one of the environmentally friendly transportation. The large number of bus companies involved in the business of transport services makes you have to be careful in choosing the bus that will be used to accompany your trip. One of the bus company references that you can use is Restu Mulya Lamongan

Profil Bus Restu Mulya Lamongan 

Restu Mulya Lamongan is a bus company located in Lamongan, East Java. The address of this office location is on Jln. Naional 20, Gedu, Banaran, Kec. Babat, Kab. Lamongan, East Java, Indonesia with zip code 62271. Restu Mulya Bus Company is a bus operator established in 1985 in Bali Indonesia. As time went on, Restu Mulya continued to develop until it was finally able to establish several branches, one of which was Restu Mulya Lamongan.

Fasilitas Perusahaan Otobus Restu Mulya Lamongan 

      Restu Mulya Lamongan is an inter-provincial city bus that has majors in Java and Denpasar. The routes of this bus are Lamongan - Surabaya - Pasuruan for departure and departure), Lamongan - Denpasar for departure and departure. Restu Mulya Lamongan uses a well-known brand bus with a suitable design to provide a pleasant travel experience for passengers. Facilities at Restu Mulya Lamongan include executive class buses with 2 - 2 seater configurations, comfortable seating with reclining seats as well as ample foot space to reduce passenger comfort, full air conditioning, and equipped with DVD player system and LED TV. Passengers are also given pillows and blankets to keep them cool at night and can use Wi-Fi to browse and get rid of boredom. If the passenger wants to go to the toilet, the bus manager has provided the toilet inside the bus. In addition, Restu Mulya Lamongan is also supported by reliable drivers and experts in his field as well as polite and friendly staff and crew.

Pembelian Tiket Bus Restu Mulya Lamongan

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