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Bus To Surabaya

Surabaya is the second largest metropolitan city after Jakarta. It is well known as Heroism City which is located at the Coast of Java Island. Surabaya is a host of business centre in East Java including entertainment service, education and government. This city also famous as great city since it win for many awards such as The 2013 Asian Townscape Sector Award by UN, ANTARA Achievement Award 2013, E-Procurement Award 2013, Future Government 2013, Broadband Learning Center, Kota Sehat Swasti Saba Pedapa 2013 and so on.

It has many excellent public facilities including international airport of Juanda, Bus transit system at Purabaya/Bungurasih terminal, train railway, various tourist destinations, Surabaya Night Festival, Zoo, The bridge of Suramadu, Nasional Kapal Selam Monument, The House of Sampoerna, Bambu runcing and Tugu Pahlawan. Surabaya also connected to other city including Gersik, Bangkalan, Mojokerto, Sidoarjo and Lamongan.

There are many ways to reach this city like by Airflight system, train, car and buses. For the buses route, Surabaya can be travelled from various departures including long route and direct trip or short route. It is supported also by vary of bus class from bus coach company, etc. These buses provide online reservations which can be booked via android application or website. Simply use booking button bellow and make your purchase today!

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