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Ipoh Amanjaya Bus Station

Ipoh Amanjaya Bus Terminal

Ipoh is the capital city of Malaysian state Perak which is located by the Kinta River. Its rich cuisines and natural attractions made Ipoh a well visited tourism destination in Malaysia. The city is situated between Kuala Lumpur and George Town, Penang is a major land transportation hub within West Malaysia. Both of the Malayan Railway's West Coast Line and the North-South Expressway cuts through this city.

There is also a second city centre in Ipoh named Bandar Meru Raya located just north of the city. This new township called “New Heartbeat of Ipoh” is located 10 KM away from the city centre. Bandar Meru Jaya acts as the provider for all daily requirements including various food outlets, new government agency buildings, Mydin Hypermarket, Tenby International School, as well as as well as the Ipoh Amanjaya Bus Terminal and other common amenities.

Travelling by bus in Ipoh is the best ways to explore the city and you can book a Terminal Amanjaya ticket through Easybook through a few simple steps. Log on to our website to find out more details of the bus schedule for each operators and routes before making your bookings as well.

Routes & Operators at Ipoh Amanjaya Bus Terminal

There are many express bus operators that provide daily routes that travel between Ipoh Amanjaya Bus Terminal and the other locations within Peninsular Malaysia. Here are some of the more popular routes and its accompanying operators that you can choose to book with on Easybook.

Bus from Ipoh Amanjaya to Kuala Lumpur

Bus from Ipoh Amanjaya to Malacca

Bus from Ipoh Amanjaya to Penang 

Bus from Ipoh Amanjaya to Johor

Bus from Ipoh Amanjaya To Kedah

Bus from Ipoh Amanjaya To Pahang

Bus from  Ipoh Amanjaya to Singapore 

Things to know about Ipoh Amanjaya Bus Terminal

Ipoh Amanjaya Bus Terminal is a newly-established transportation hub in Meru Raya town which acts as the terminal for majority of the long-distance buses coming in and out of Ipoh from other cities in Malaysia. There are more than 50 bus companies that are operating from this terminal with spacious and beautiful waiting hall equipped with LED TVs and huge display board to show the departure and arrival of each bus. It also provide all the necessary facilities and comfort for bus passengers.

Place to visit in Ipoh

Movie Animation Park Studio of Perak (MAPS Perak) – This is Asia’s first animation theme park located in Meru Raya city with over 40 attractions across 6 thematic zone which include DreamWorks Animation characters and The Smurfs. MAPS is definitely a great place for you and family to visit over the weekends or during the holidays.

Lost World Of Tambun – Malaysia’s premiere action and adventure family holiday destination provides lots of activities. You can choose to swim, play or just soak in the variety of hot pools available. There is also an animal petting section in Lost World of Tambun. This place will definitely provide a full day of fun and adventure with everything you could possibly want from an amusement park.

The beautiful limestone caves and temples – Ipoh is home to many cave temples in Perak such as Sam Poh Tong, Ling Sen Tong, Nam Tin Tong and Kek Look Tong. You have to set foot in one of the cave temples when you visit Ipoh to get in touch with nature and spirituality. It is a therapeutic way to nurture the mind and soul.

Heritage Walk – The best way to explore Ipoh by foot. Sign up for a Heritage Walk in Ipoh to check out all the amazing heritage attractions and sights. Visitors will have the chance to experience the grandeur of this beautiful city through this walking tour around the Old Town and Colonial buildings.

What to Eat in Ipoh

If you are a food lover, Ipoh is the perfect place to satisfy your taste buds. Here are a list of things you mustn’t miss out when you visit this town.

Ipoh White Coffee – Ipoh have numerous traditional Hainanese coffee shops that provide the original white coffee which are fragrant, rich and smooth which is uniquely Nanyang taste.

Shredded Chicken Noodles – This signature dish in Ipoh consists of smooth kway teow in flavourful prawn broth. It will make you wanting more.

Beansprout Chicken – Served with silky steamed chicken with crunchy and juicy bean sprouts, you can choose to eat it with rice or fresh kuey teow soup. Both taste equally just as nice.

Ipoh-style Chee Cheong Fun – This is plain flat rice noodles ladled with fried shallots and soy sauce with pickled green chillies on the side. You also can add in sweet red sauce and chilli sauce for maximum flavour to this simply but amazing dish.

Tau Fu Fah – This soybean curd dessert is served warm in soft and smooth texture, then flavoured with brown sugar syrup or ginger flavoured syrup. It is best served after a meal.

Chicken biscuits – It is Ipoh’s signature biscuit without actually using real chicken despite the name. It made out of wheat flour, candied winter melon, sesame seeds, molasses and more. The chicken biscuits are a popular souvenir for friends and family when visiting Ipoh.

There are so many things to discover in Ipoh that well-renowned international platform Lonely Planet recently listed Ipoh as one of the best Asian destinations to visit in 2016. The city ensures a fulfilling trip that will keep you occupied with fun soon as you book a Terminal Amanjaya ticket. Start booking your ticket online with Easybook now with just a few clicks on our website or mobile app available to download for free. Check out the bus schedule listed on our website and follow this simple step-by-step guide on How to Book Bus Tickets. Happy travels!

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