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About Marina Centre Bus Terminal

Marina Square is located in the heart of shopping, dining, entertainment and cultural hub of the vibrant Marina Centre. The three convention hotels and a large retail mall compromising Marina Square were designed to stimulate the economic growth of an undeveloped landfill site on Singapore Harbour by creating a people-oriented destination. The region of Singapore’s Marina Centre has been evolving with many world-class facilities making it a popular tourist attraction around the globe.

Along Raffles Boulevard and underneath the Benjamin Shears Bridge, Marina Centre Bus Terminal has been constructed to act as a starting and terminating point for bus services serving the region of Marina Centre and City in Singapore. There are two parts to the bus stop, namely a roadside terminal occupying the rightmost lane of Raffles Boulevard (between Temasek Avenue and Republic Boulevard), and a newer extension built on the left side of Raffles Boulevard.

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Popular routes from Marina Centre Bus Terminal in Singapore

How to Get to Marina Centre Bus Station

To get to Marina Centre Bus Terminal, several modes of transportation can be utilized through services provided by Singapore’s comprehensive public transportation. The bus interchange houses a number of assorted bus operators. Common modes of transportation towards the bus terminal are bus services crossing the area of Marina Centre along with taxi services. MRT train rides are also available whereby the nearest train station within Marina Centre is Esplanade Train Station.

Ticket prices and bus schedules can now be reviewed on the website for a convenient travel. The bus interchange in Marina Centre serves several popular routes heading to a variety of thrilling destinations all around the isle of Singapore as well as catering for buses from other bus terminals.

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Facilities in Marina Centre Bus Terminal

Marina Centre Bus Terminal has undergone several reconstructions since its establishment. It was once a temporary roadside bus stop before going through a major expansion in 2015. With this expansion, a public coach park has been provided to cater to numerous coaches starting and terminating from this bus interchange. Due to its structure, no boarding and alighting berths are provided within the terminal.

Amenities within the bus terminal include several operator offices. Terminal kiosks are also available for bus directories along with decent toilets for the convenience of public use. Attractions that are within walking distance from this bus interchange include Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Street Circuit ranging from a 5 to 10-minute walk.

The bus terminal is said to be replaced with a new facility in the near future, capable of housing all bus services under one roof.

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Singapore offers a complete travel experience disproportionate to its size. It is home to the world’s best airport, some of Asia’s most stunning architecture and a delicious food scene that borrows from its neighbours’ top culinary traditions. Marina Centre Bus Terminal offers bus services to many interesting spots all around Singapore.

Bus tickets can now be conveniently booked via Easybook’s easy-to-navigate platform to board buses from the bus interchange of Marina Centre Bus Terminal. Getting around Marina Centre Bus Terminal will also be of no hassle with warm and helpful locals surrounding the bus terminal upon arrival. Book bus tickets now and visit the fascinating Marina Square.

Marina Centre Bus Terminal Contact Details:

Marina Centre Bus Terminal, Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 884006
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