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About Raub Bus Terminal

As the largest state in Peninsular Malaysia, Pahang offers interesting attractions both for the locals and foreign tourists to explore. Visitors will get to experience tropical vibes and surroundings at different districts in Pahang accompanied by its natural landscapes. Known as one of the oldest towns in Pahang, Raub district stores fun activities for travellers who enjoy outdoor recreations. For easy travelling journey, Raub Bus Terminal has become the main departure and arrival centre for bus operators.

Terminal Bas Raub provides services and interchanges to destinations outside and within Pahang such as Kuantan and Bentong. The terminal is a host to several bus operators that carry passengers to different routes across Malaysia. However, do not be confused between Raub Bus Station and Raub Bus Terminal as both are situated at two different locations. Raub Bus Station is said to be the old bus station and is still actively operating. Most of the express buses operate at the main Raub Bus Terminal, which is also called as Bus Express Terminal Raub.

How to get to Raub Bus Terminal

Please be noted that Raub does not have any shuttle buses that stop at any specific bus stops in the town. The best public transportation option to get to Raub Bus Terminal within the town of Raub itself can only be reached via taxis.

Trips to Raub from other Pahang districts and different states are only accessible via bus services. There are no train services established in the town. Departing to Raub Bus Terminal from Kuala Lumpur is available according to the bus schedules provided by the bus operators.

Some of the popular trips heading to Raub Bus Terminal are from Bentong and Kuantan. Both Bentong to Raub and Kuantan to Raub bus services follow the scheduled timetables that can be checked on the website. Some bus operators in other states of Malaysia also provide trips to Raub Bus Terminal. To ease any travelling plan, Easybook provides an easy way to check bus schedules that is accessible on the website.

Popular Bus Routes

Popular routes from Raub Bus Terminal

Popular Bus Operators in Raub Bus Terminal

There are four bus operators that are available in Raub Bus Terminal. This includes Queen Express that specifically provides trips to certain locations in east coast Malaysia and Pahang Lin Siong Motor Co Bhd, that operates multiple trips to Kuala Lumpur and Cameron Highlands.

Facilities in Raub Bus Terminal

There are only minimal facilities prepared in Raub Bus Terminal. Fret not because the terminal is strategically situated near to various shop lots that passengers can stop by before departing and upon arriving the terminal. Among the shop lots available are convenient store, clothing store and restaurants. These shop lots are all within walking distance.

There is no prayer room provided in Raub Bus Terminal. The nearest mosque is Masjid Tengku Abu Bakar Raub, which is a 7-minute walk from the bus terminal. The nearest hotel to Raub Bus Terminal is Hotel Raub, where travellers can either take a 10-minute walk from the terminal or grab a taxi to go to the hotel.

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Pahang is known for their outdoor attractions located in different districts and Raub is included in one of the districts that is worth to visit. A bonus point for Raub Bus Terminal is that it is located right next to various shop lots, which is convenient for travellers.

Trips can be arranged easily on Easybook for both one-way and round trip to and from Raub Bus Terminal. Easybook offers an online-booking system for bus tickets according to the passenger’s desired destination and it can be done by following this simple guideline.

Raub Bus Terminal Contact Details

Jalan Tengku Abdul Samad, Raub, Pahang, Malaysia
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