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Chamek Railway Station

Chamek is a small town within Kluang district in Johor, Malaysia. Initially, the name of the town is from the Chinese word of ‘Jambi’ which is quite difficult to pronounce among the locals there thus the name has been changed to Chamek for easier pronunciation. This small town is nearer to Paloh town whereby locals and travellers can access more public facilities such as post office, health centre, along with the police station and others.

Within the town, there is a train station namely Chamek Railway Station. This train station provides the KTM Intercity train services of South Line Express, including Rakyat Timuran Line Express. Chamek Railway Station only acts as a drop-off point for the incoming KTM Intercity trains.

How to get to Chamek Railway Station

Chamek Railway Station is accessible through train service. Travellers departing from KL city centre may take the ETS train from KL Sentral towards Gemas station. Then, make a train transfer at Gemas station via KTM Intercity train towards Chamek Railway Station. The train journey is approximately 5 hours to arrive. Meanwhile, travellers departing from Johor Bahru (JB) Sentral can take the KTM Intercity train directly towards Chamek Railway Station. From here, the train journey takes around 4 hours to arrive.

Another transportation alternative to get to Chamek Railway Station can be through bus service. Locals can board a bus from the nearby Paloh Bus Station towards the said train station. It only takes about 10 minutes to reach there. Travellers from other states can board express bus service towards Kluang Bus Terminal. From there, take a taxi or car-sharing ride to Chamek Railway Station, about 25 minutes of a car journey.

Popular Train Operator

The Malayan Railway or KTMB operates at Chamek Railway Station, providing both KTM Intercity South Line Express including Rakyat Timuran Line Express for travellers.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Chamek Railway Station in Malaysia.

Facilities in Chamek Railway Station

Being one of the drop-off points for incoming KTM Intercity trains, the Chamek Railway Station does not provide many facilities or amenities for public use as per other main train stations in Johor. Nevertheless, travellers waiting for departure are provided with a sheltered waiting area along with benches.

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Chamek Railway Station is situated within the Kluang district in Johor, Malaysia. This train station provides both KTM Intercity train services of the South Line Express as well as Rakyat Timuran Line Express for the travellers and locals. It is accessible via ETS train service from KL Sentral through a train transfer at Gemas, including from Johor Bahru (JB) Sentral towards Chamek Railway Station. Each train journey differs depending on your departure point.

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Chamek Railway Station Contact Details:

Chamek Railway Station, 85400 Paloh, Johor, Malaysia
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