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About Limau Kasturi Railway Station

Kelantan is home to numerous towns, one of them includes Limau Kasturi, a remote village located within the Gua Musang District. Being a small town, Limau Kasturi does not have many facilities around the area. There are some primary schools and a general clinic built for the locals.

Despite being far away from other major towns, a railway service was established as the main transportation option for both locals and travellers. Limau Kasturi Railway Station is a KTM station that serves the KTM Intercity East Coast Line covering the route between Gua Musang and Tumpat. The trains from here pass through many other train stations within Kelantan, giving passengers choices to stop at any station of their choice. This train station only serves as a halt for KTM Intercity train service under Gua Musang – Tumpat – Gua Musang route.

How to Get to Limau Kasturi Train Station

Getting to Limau Kasturi Railway Station can be done easily by taking the KTM Intercity East Coast Line train via Tumpat – Gua Musang – Tumpat route. Although KTM Intercity main route includes a train ride from JB Sentral, Limau Kasturi train station cannot be accessed from JB Sentral directly. Travel duration varies by the departing station, for example from Tumpat, the journey takes approximately 5 hours to reach Limau Kasturi.

The town does not serve any other mode of transportation options, so the locals would usually get around the town using their cars. In the city, travellers can ride a taxi or car-sharing service to Limau Kasturi train station.

Popular Train Operator in Limau Kasturi Railway Station

KTM Berhad has been actively operating railway services throughout selected locations in Peninsular Malaysia. This includes the train station in Limau Kasturi where KTM Intercity East Coast Line trains are catered and managed by KTM Berhad. The trains in this station are operated daily for travellers’ convenience to travel to other towns in Kelantan.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes in Limau Kasturi Railway Station

Facilities in Limau Kasturi Railway Station

Limau Kasturi Railway Station does not offer any advanced facilities for the guests and passengers to use as this station only serves as a halt to drop off and pick up passengers. There are only ticket counters and sheltered waiting area available for everyone to make use of at the train station.

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Railway service in Limau Kasturi can be considered as the main transportation service in the town. Serving as a halt, the structure of the train station is rather small compared to the standard train station. KTM Intercity East Coast Line is the only railway network operating in Limau Kasturi Railway Station between Tumpat and Gua Musang.

Limau Kasturi Railway Station Contact Details

Limau Kasturi Railway Station, 18300 Kampong Limau Kasturi, Kelantan
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