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About Nong Khai Railway Station

Nong Khai Railway Station is located in the royal land of Thailand, a country that is popular for its natural beauty and exotic traditions. The rail station is comfortably placed in Mi Chai Subdistrict of Nong Khai city, located in the north-east of Thailand. Nong Khai city’s great features and well-developed infrastructures have never failed to attract many travellers in visiting the place.

Also known as the “Naga City” (Nagas are the giant serpent guardians of Mekong River), Nong Khai is a bustling Thai town that acts as the gateway to Laos and Vientiane. Nong Khai Railway Station is strategically situated 3.4 km away from the border of Laos and 3 km to the commercial tourist centre of Nong Khai where most hotels and restaurants are located. The rail station is usually visited by passengers from all walks of life, travelling to their preferred destinations.

Nong Khai Railway Station is run by the country’s famous train operator, which is the State Railway of Thailand via its North-Eastern Line. The train station has many departures a day with trains that disembark here for passengers’ convenience. Nong Khai Railway Station acts as the terminus of the North-eastern railway line on the border of Laos, from Bangkok Hua Lamphong via Khon Kaen and Udon Thani.

Stationed in one of the major tourist cities of Thailand, Nong Khai Railway Station offers systematic and regular train timetable daily for passengers. Nong Khai Railway Station serves few train routes within Thailand by its Express Trains, Rapid Trains as well as Local Trains. There are also trains from Nong Khai rail station to Bangkok that departs as early as 7:00 AM daily for passengers’ comfort.

How to Get to Nong Khai Train Station

Based on different need and budget, there are various transportation options available within the city of Nong Khai to get to the rail station. Travellers can easily travel to the station by boarding train services from any stations included in the train schedule.

Travellers from within or outside Nong Kaen city can get to the railway station by taking public transportations available, such as metered taxis, motorbike taxis or the popular Thai travelling method, the tuk-tuks (cycle rickshaws). The travel duration between the rail station from Nong Khai Bus Terminal will take approximately 10-minutes' drive to arrive.

Popular Train Operator in Nong Khai Railway Station

Train services within Nong Khai Railway Station are fully operated by the only national train service in the country, which is the State Railway of Thailand. The trains under this operator commute to various destinations daily with systematic train timetable for passenger's convenience.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Nong Khai Railway Station in Thailand.

Facilities in Nong Khai Railway Station

Travellers will be offered with basic facilities in Nong Khai Railway Station in order to fulfil their needs in experiencing a comfortable train journey.

There is a left luggage office available at the train station as well as public toilets, sheltered waiting area and ticket counters. Nong Khai Railway Station’s opening hour runs normally from early morning to late evening.

Top features:


With the systematic train services provided at Nong Khai Railway Station by State Railway of Thailand train operator, the travelling journey has been made easy and more efficient for travellers. The terminal served frequent train schedule daily to help connect passengers to commute to their desired destinations conveniently.

Nong Khai Railway Station Contact Details:

Mi Chai, Mueang Nong Khai District, Nong Khai 43000, Thailand
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