Putri Travel Banyuwangi Bus Service

Based in the stunning town of BanyuwangiPutri Travel Banyuwangi is one of the famous bus operators in Indonesia, covering many destinations with experienced bus drivers on board. Banyuwangi city is situated around 239 km east of Surabaya, capital of the province of East Java. Located at the easternmost tip of Java, Banyuwangi is the gateway to the island from Bali or vice versa and the busy port of Ketapang sees many ferries operating to and from Bali’s GilimanukBanyuwangi city is a place that is frequently visited by the locals and other travel enthusiasts as it acts as the getaway for some stunning volcanic scenery on the Ijen Plateau as well as the main access point to the exciting Baluran National Park.  

The bus company offers high-quality minibuses for their passengers to multiple exciting destinations with return trips. Putri Travel Banyuwangi only hires well-experienced staff and drivers to run a smooth business for their loyal customers. With fantastic and professional services, Putri Travel Banyuwangi currently tops the other competitors that offer the same bus services in Banyuwangi town.  Putri Travel Banyuwangi bus trips are all priced at reasonable rates, making it easy on the travel budget. 

Popular Bus Routes by Putri Travel Banyuwangi 

Putri Travel Banyuwangi bus company has been serving many commuters from Bayuwangi town towards fascinating cities within Indonesia such as Banyuwangi to Surabaya, Malang, and Bali. Return trips are also provided for traveller’s convenience. Putri Travel Banyuwangi ensures all the coaches to be well-maintained to provide safe bus service for passengers. 

Bus Routes: 

Facilities by Putri Travel Banyuwangi 

All 11-seater minibuses run by Putri Travel Banyuwangi are fully equipped with essential facilities to provide incredible bus journey for the customers. The minibuses came with modern interior design and supplied with top-notch facilities, which include comfortable reclining seats, seat belts, air-conditioning system, luggage compartments, and spacious legroom while passengers on their long-distance journey. Putri Travel Banyuwangi run vehicle maintenance regularly to support smooth travel and provide an atmosphere that is convenient for customers during the trip. 

  • Air-conditioning system 
  • Seat belts 
  • Luggage compartment 
  • Reclining seats 
  • Spacious legroom 

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Witness and explore many beautiful areas in Indonesia by boarding a bus with Puteri Travel Banyuwangi! Save time by buying a bus ticket through an online booking system instead of lining up at the counter. Make an online purchase for Putri Travel  Banyuwangi bus tickets that also allows you to review the bus schedules and ticket fares beforehand! 

Office Location

Location Address Tel Fax
Putri Travel Banyuwangi Perum Sari Indah Permai A11, Dusun Rejomulyo, Sarimulyo, Kec. Cluring, Kabupaten Banyuwangi, Jawa Timur 68482
* មានតែ 0.01% ដែលថ្លៃជាងតំលៃធម្មតា នៅការិយាល័យ ** ប្រតិបត្តិការផ្លូវការ គឺប្រតិបត្តិការ ដោយគ្មានការប្រើប្រាស់កូដបញ្ចុះតំលៃ និងទិសដៅផ្តល់ដោយក្រុមហ៊ុនដៃគូ *** មានតែទិសដៅច្បាស់លាស់ ដែលការបញ្ចុះបានបង្ហាញកក្នុងសំបុត្រ * រូបភាពឡាន គឺគ្រាន់តែជារូបតំណាង * រយៈពេលនៃការធ្វើដំណើរគឺជាពេលវេលាប៉ាន់ស្មានប៉ុណ្ណោះ។