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Terminal Bas Ekspres Sungai Nibong

Sungai Nibong Bus TerminalSince Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal was opened to the public in May 2005, it has allowed many express bus operators to relocate from Komtar in George Town, Penang. The bus terminal is situated between the northern and southern end of Penang Island and is a stone-throw away from the iconic Penang Bridge with numerous trips from this bus terminal in Pulau Pinang. Many arrivals and departures take place over at this terminal on a daily basis whether you are heading to Taiping, Perak to ride bikes at ATV Adventure Park Larut or bring your children to Melaka for an educational visit to the many historic places. You can find Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal routes on Easybook website to book your next trip without having to go through any hassle. Follow these very simple instructions on How to Book Bus Tickets at the comfort of your own home without having to queue up for a bus ticket at the counter.

Getting around Sungai Nibong is simple and straight forward as there are two bus stops available at Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal with one located at the front entrance of the terminal along Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, while the other one is at the entrance along Jalan Sungai Dua. You can also find a taxi stand situated right in front of Sungai Nibong Express Bus Terminal which makes it easy to grab a ride upon arriving at the station. The station is about 20 minutes away from the Penang airport if you are heading that way to catch a flight for your next trip.

Routes and Bus Operators Available

Let us take a look at the various routes and coach companies that operates from Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal:

Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS): Billion Stars, Grassland Penang Prangin Mall, Konsortium Bas Ekspres (Malaysia), New Asian Travel, Plusliner, Seasons Express, Transnasional

Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal to Melaka Sentral Bus Terminal: Grassland Penang Prangin Mall, New Asian Travel, Seasons Express, Transnasional

Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal to Ipoh Amanjaya Bus Terminal: Billion Stars, New Asian Travel, Sri Maju Group

Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal to Terminal One Seremban: Grassland Penang Prangin Mall, New Asian Travel, Seasons Express

Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal to Tanah Rata Bus Terminal, Cameron Highlands: Billion Stars, New Asian Travel

Please check the Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal schedule accordingly for more rides that is best suited for you at Easybook.com. Use this guide we have prepared if you are unsure on how to book the tickets of your choice.

What to do at Sungai Nibong?

There are limited amenities within Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal so it is advised that you eat before arriving at the station to board your next bus. There is a hawker stall called Teluk Bayan Café by Kampung Sungai Nibong or go Super Tanker Food Center at Taman Lip Sin, which serves a great selection of food to choose from and both usually takes less than 8 minutes of walk from the station.

One of the most prominent landmarks of this town is Tapak Pesta that can be reached within 5 minutes of walk from the terminal. At the end of each year, there is a festival called Pesta Pulau Pinang that will be held at Tapak Pesta Sungai Nibong that features music performances and plenty of activities for the entire family.

In the mood for some shopping? Then travel 5 minutes by taxi to Persiaran Bayan Indah to find Penang’s largest lifestyle outlet Queensbay Mall that was opened in 2006. You can find a wide range of retail and restaurants according to what you need. The 3-floors high Queensbay Mall is also facing the beautiful waterfront landscape right across from the main entrance. You can do your grocery shopping at Aeon Supermarket to fitting in some time to get some workout done at CHi Fitness located in the mall.

Rent a car with Easybook so you will be able to see explore the town at your own pace too. There are many car choices available for you to choose from depending on how many people you are travelling with.

Just as easy as how Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal caters for all your travelling needs, Easybook is here to make it simple for you too when you choose to book a ticket with your preferred coaches that uses the station for its departure and arrival trips. Whether you are heading back home to Sungai Nibong or leaving the town for your next holiday, Easybook will always be here to kick start your plans. Check out this guide that we have prepared for you to book your next tickets through Easybook.com easily without having to leave the comfort of your seats. Get around Penang easily by renting a car on Easybook platform as well to get to your destinations with ease and explore Sungai Nibong. Happy travels!

Where to stay in Sungai Nibong?

If you choose to stay in Sungai Nibong area, here are a couple of suggestions of places you can stay at. Just 2-minute drive away from the terminal is Penang’s capsule accommodation M Qube Hotel at Jalan Aziz Ibrahim that comes fully-equipped with free Wi-Fi service, individual lockers, free parking, 24-hour check-in, shared bathrooms and many others. It is perfect for those who are looking for a budget stay. For those with a little bit more budget, you can choose to book with the stylish U Hotel Penang at Jalan Sungai Dua located 3 minutes away from Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal that was built with the modern business traveller in mind. Every room comes with 32” HDTV that is connected to Astro Satellite, as well as a conference room by request. You can also look out for Farin Hotel Sungai Nibong or D'Pearl Hotel Sungai Nibong which are both just a 5-minute walk from the station on Jalan Sultan Azlan Shah, which is perfect for those who wishes to be nearer to the terminal.

* មានតែ 0.01% ដែលថ្លៃជាងតំលៃធម្មតា នៅការិយាល័យ ** ប្រតិបត្តិការផ្លូវការ គឺប្រតិបត្តិការ ដោយគ្មានការប្រើប្រាស់កូដបញ្ចុះតំលៃ និងទិសដៅផ្តល់ដោយក្រុមហ៊ុនដៃគូ *** មានតែទិសដៅច្បាស់លាស់ ដែលការបញ្ចុះបានបង្ហាញកក្នុងសំបុត្រ * រូបភាពឡាន គឺគ្រាន់តែជារូបតំណាង * រយៈពេលនៃការធ្វើដំណើរគឺជាពេលវេលាប៉ាន់ស្មានប៉ុណ្ណោះ។