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About Ayutthaya Railway Station

The Ayutthaya Railway Station is among Thailand’s oldest railway stations, built in 1921 and operated by State Railway of ThailandAyutthaya Railway Station served train services of the Northern and North-Eastern Line that connect several trains to various destinations with the most famous train routes to Chiang Mai and Bangkok. 35 daily trains serving between Ayutthaya and Bangkok. 

Ayutthaya is a major tourist attraction after it was declared a World UNESCO Heritage Site in 1991. Travellers are conveniently spoilt with several budget accommodations within walking distance to the Ayutthaya Railway Station as it is about 3 km from the famous Bang Lan Night Market in the centre of Ayutthaya. 

How to Get to Ayutthaya Railway Station 

Ayutthaya Railway Station is situated in the city centre which makes it accessible for travellers to get to the train station from numerous places within the town. Nearby travellers can walk or opt for a local tuk-tuk that is available in certain locations, more so in touristy areas. Prices are relatively cheap for foreign tourists, but it can still be negotiated with the tuk-tuk drivers.  
All the popular accommodations to Ayutthaya train station do not take more than 10 minutes in walking distance. Visitors from YoodYa Hostel and Ayothaya Riverside Hotel will only take 3 minutes to walk to the railway station. Hotels that are a little bit further such as the Krungsri River Hotel will take approximately 7 minutes’ drive instead. 

Popular Train Operator in Ayutthaya Station 

The State Railway of Thailand is owned by the country’s Ministry of Transport and serves over 40 million passengers per year. Trains at Ayutthaya train station is part of the Northern and North-Eastern Line that regularly operates according to the train scheduleTravellers can make an online booking for the train ticket via the Easybook platform. 

Popular Train Routes 

Popular train routes from Ayutthaya Railway Station in Thailand 

Facilities in Ayutthaya Railway Station 

Ayutthaya rail station is equipped with basic facilities to accommodate the visitors that are travelling by trains. The location of the train station in the city centre makes it easy for travellers to move around and explore. It is especially convenient to look for accommodation in Ayutthaya. Like most railway stations in Thailand, finding food will not be a problem as there are food and drinks kiosks in the station as well as a lot of food stalls in the surrounding area. Other basic amenities like sheltered waiting area with benches, toilets and ticket counters to buy or collect train tickets are also available at the Ayutthaya Railway Station.  

Top features: 

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Renowned as a World UNESCO Heritage Site, Ayutthaya has a lot to offer when it comes to attractions. Travellers who arrived at the Ayutthaya Railway Station can access the nearby historic park filled with spectacular ancient Buddhist temples. The train station serves both Northern and North-Eastern Line train services with popular routes are trains to Bangkok and Chiang Mai. Get your train tickets to Ayutthaya via online booking on Easybook, by following a few simple steps. Click on the Easybook website to view details such as the train schedule and railway ticket price to plan your journey ahead.  

Ayutthaya Railway Station

Ho Rattanachai, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya 13000, Thailand
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