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About Kampar Railway Station

Kampar Railway Station is situated at the south-eastern part of Kampar town, surrounded by housing estate known as Taman Melayu Jaya. This train station was once renovated and has been officiated back in 2007. The Transport Ministry has built two lifts within the building for the convenience of the disabled. The lifts are constructed near the overhead bridge for travellers to cross the opposite platform easily.

Situated along the KTMB North-South Line, the Kampar Railway Station has many departures in a day, served with the new high-speed ETS trains. This train station receives the KTM Intercity trains between Tapah Road Railway Station in the south, including Batu Gajah Railway Station in the north, while the ETS trains are serving between the Tapah Road Railway Station along with Ipoh Railway Station.

Ever since the setting up of University Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) and Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARC), the Kampar Railway Station is mostly crowded with students going back and forth from their hometown.

How to Get to Kampar Train Station

Travellers from KL city centre can take the available ETS train service from KL Sentral towards Kampar Railway Station. Other ETS stations from other states included in the train route can be taken as well.

For UTAR students, you can use the provided shuttle bus services to go to Kampar Railway Station. However, students must take notice as the bus schedules tend to change accordingly by the university management. Please check upon the bus schedules to avoid disappointment.

It only takes a 5-minute’ drive from Kampar Bus Terminal to arrive at Kampar Railway Station. Travellers around the town area can take a taxi or book with a ride-hailing app that takes approximately 10 minutes to get to Kampar Railway Station.

Popular Train Operator in Kampar Railway Station

Same as any other railways within Peninsular Malaysia, Kampar Railway Station is operated by the national Malayan Railways or publicly known as KTMB.

Popular Train Routes

Popular train routes from Kampar Railway Station in Malaysia.

Facilities in Kampar Railway Station

Travellers will be offered basic yet functional facilities and amenities in Kampar Railway Station for your convenience while waiting for departure. If you drive your car, there is a parking space available within the premise. Have a problem in getting back to your place? Do not worry there are taxi and bus stop nearby the area as well.

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Kampar Railway Station is a station which serves the incoming ETS trains between the Tapah Road Railway Station and Ipoh Railway Station. This train station was once renovated back in 2007, making it a disabled-friendly train station whereby two lifts have been constructed nearby the overhead bridge for the convenience of public use. Kampar Railway Station is usually crowded with university students from nearby UTAR who travel back and forth to their hometown by taking the ETS train service.

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Kampar Railway Station Contact Details:

Kampar Railway Station, 31900 Kampar, Perak
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