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About Pingxiang Railway Station

Pingxiang is a city in Jiangxi Province; China situated just between the border of China and Vietnam. With train services operated crossing the edge of these two countries, travellers can get in and out from China to Vietnam or vice versa conveniently. This can be done via railway services that run through Chong Zuo from northeast to southeast. The train route between Nanning and Hanoi links the border of China and Vietnam. 

These daily-operating trains pass through several railway stations in China from the first station, Beijing train station heading down to Nanning, Chong Zuo, Ping Xiang and Lang Son before arriving in Hanoi, Vietnam. From Pingxiang, the travel duration takes an approximated time of 7 hours to reach Hanoi Railway Station. 

This border-crossing train has carried thousands of passengers ever since it was first established. There are eight international carriages that are accommodated with six sleeper coaches, one dormitory coach and one dining coach. Six domestic coaches are also provided to reduce travel congestion during peak seasons. 

How to Get to Pingxiang Railway Station 

The simplest way to get to Pingxiang rail station is by taking a train from any railway stations along the train route between Nanning and Hanoi. Travel duration may differ by the departing station. If travellers board on a train from Hanoi, it will take around 7 hours to arrive in Pingxiang Railway Station 

If travellers are based in Guangzhou, it is possible to get to Pingxiang train station by bus. There are express bus and overnight bus with different travel time running on the same bus route. Express bus takes passengers on a 3-hour bus trip while the overnight bus is a 12-hour journey that gives the opportunity for passengers on board to enjoy a road-trip experience. Those who board on an overnight bus will be provided with beds. 

Within the city of Pingxiang, travellers can grab a taxi or car-sharing service to get to Pingxiang Railway Station directly. 

Popular Train Operator in Pingxiang Railway Station 

Train services that are operating between Pingxiang and Hanoi, Vietnam are managed by Violette Train. This railway service provider has been actively serving passengers since 2016. Since then, good reviews were given to Violette Train for its quality services of the first border-crossing rail network between two countries of China and Vietnam. 

Popular Train Route 


With the advancement of transportation services today, not only border-crossing can be done by aeroplane, travellers now have the option to go to China from Vietnam via with railway services. Rail connection operated by Violette Train is a public convenience often utilised by many travellers to go back and forth between the two countries. 

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Pingxiang Railway Station

Pingxiang, Chongzuo, Guangxi, China
+86 771 852 6405

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